US proposed law threatens to squeeze aid if NATO blockade continues

Bill also requires certification that Pakistan is taking appropriate actions against terrorists.

Web Desk December 20, 2013
The key supply line at Torkham border was blocked by PTI since Nov 24 in protest against CIA-led drone campaign in tribal areas. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

WASHINGTON: A proposed new US law threatens to squeeze aid to Pakistan if Nato supply routes are blocked or interrupted, Dawn News reported on Friday.

US National Defence Authorisation Bill of 2014 also requires a certification from US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel saying that Pakistan is taking appropriate actions against terrorists along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

The development came after Hagel visited Pakistan on December 9. It was reported that he had warned Pakistani leaders that if they did not resolve protests stalling some military shipments across the border into Afghanistan, it could be difficult to maintain political support in Washington for an aid programme that has sent billions of dollars to Islamabad.

The key supply line at Torkham border was blocked by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, the ruling party in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, since November 24 in protest against the CIA-led drone campaign in the tribal areas.

The new US bill is already approved by the House of Representatives and it includes extending funding to Pakistan for supporting the war against terrorism but with certain changes.

The funding has been reduced from $1.65 billion in 2013 to $1.5bn in 2014 as stated in a section of the bill titled “Limitation on amounts available”.

The White House had stated in a statement that “the bill will … support (US) capacity building efforts with foreign military forces, and support contingency or stability operations.”

“It also says that no amounts authorised to be appropriated by this bill, and no amounts authorised to be appropriated for fiscal years before 2014 that remain available for obligation, may be used for reimbursing Pakistan, until the US secretary of defence certifies to the congressional defence committees,” Dawn News further reported.

The Foreign Office Spokesperson, however, stated on Friday that Pakistan "is in contact with the US and as of now there has been no decision regarding stopping aid to Pakistan," Express News reported.



ABKhan | 7 years ago | Reply


" The aid is meant for the POOREST people in your country, not the RICHEST people like you guys"

I am in the development sector and knows exactly how this aid comes and intended for poors but 80% of it goes into administrative purposes (Rent, salaries, picnics, and in the pockets of NGO workers). Donors know that, and they are fine with it. So please, no one will buy your theory. If aid is stopped the only losers will be NGO workers and government not the common man.

ABKhan | 7 years ago | Reply


I cant stop laughing. The fact is I am attached to development sector, and at the moment Bangladesh is the biggest aid receiver from international donors . Do you call it earned money?? Lol, I think you dont know their is audit of any money you get in aid and you cant just give it to someone else, better use it for the welfare of poor Bangalis instead of putting it in corrupt politicians pockets

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