JF-17 planes 'open new doors' for Pakistan China friendship

Nawaz attends inauguration event for the roll out ceremony of the 50th JF-17 aircraft.

Our Correspondent December 18, 2013
Nawaz attends inauguration event for the completed production of 50 JF-17 aircraft. PHOTO: ONLINE

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif paid a visit to Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra for briefings on the exports of the Pakistan Air Force's aircraft, the JF-17 Thunder, Express News reported on Wednesday.

Nawaz was the guest of honour at the inauguration event for the roll out ceremony of the 50th JF-17 aircraft. The event was attended by delegates from China as well as the PAF.

Speaking at the end of the inauguration, the premier appreciated China’s efforts to help Pakistan manufacture 50 JF-17s and also commended the bravery of the Pakistan Air Force.

“Pakistan’s skies are safe due to the efforts of the Pakistan Air Force”, Nawaz said.

Furthermore, he said the last time this project was supposed to be launched, the PAF met with political hurdles which the PML-N government had cleared.

During his speech Nawaz also stated that the inauguration of the planes is a means to “expand the friendship between China and Pakistan.”

Nawaz also reflected on the past joint ventures that Pakistan and China invested in together which include the Karakoram Highway, Chashma Power Plant and the Karachi Civil Nuclear Plant.

Concluding the speech, Nawaz said “We will fulfill all the needs of the Pakistani Air Force”.

The PAC JF-17 is a light weight, single engine, and multi combat aircraft which has been developed by the Pakistan Air Force, the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and the Chengdu Aircraft Industries Corporation (CAC) of China.

The aircraft is 15 metres long and is said to be able to tackle all kinds of weather.

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BILAL MIAN | 7 years ago | Reply

@Yasir Mehmood:

Wikipedia is not accurate. Actual losses of fighter Aircrafts for india is a lot higher. In 1965 war they lost 110 which includes dogfights, Anti Aircraft guns and jets shot on ground by PAF raids. Neutral sources claim even higher losses but PAF only claimed 110 as to the wreckage located bu them.

In 1971 war, PAF despite internal turmoil and complexities they performed outstandingly. In former east pakistan there was only ONE squadron of 16 fighter jets and they were being attacked by 10 indian squadrons. In the dogfights that followed PAF lost 5 jets and pilots but IAF suffered 36 jets losses( BBC news representatives eye witness accounts) which included anti aircraft guns shooting down indian aircrafts. Total losses suffered by IAF which includes west and east pakistan was 102 whereas PAF lost 34 fighter jets( 11 of which disabled intentionally by PAF personnel after evacuation instructions from headquarter command so they don't fall in hands of mukhti bahini rebels). Former US Airforce veteran pilot chuck yeager ( First to break sound barrier) sent as defence analyst to pakistan reported 102 russian made IAF jets shot down as all the wreckage was collected onboard two US Aircraft carriers and taken to USA for research on russian jets.

In 1999 kargil war IAF lost two MIG( MIG-21 & MIG-27) fighter jets of which one pilot was made prisoner ( Nacheketa) while the other pilot ahuja was killed. These two IAF jets were shot down by Pakistan Army defence missiles of ANZA whilst a indian MI-17 helicopter was shot down by three stingers and as a result all four crew members were killed.

BILAL MIAN | 7 years ago | Reply

@kapt slim:

Great to read your comments. Other people posting negative comments are either jealous indians or naive, ignorant, clueless and misguided Pakistanis bad mouthing a great achievement.

India's LCA Tejas is a joke to date and has only just been commissioned into Indian Air Force in december 2013 after 12 years since the project began. Wheread JF-17 project was efficiently completed 5-6 years and the multi role state of the art fighter air craft is comparable to F-16 A/B block 15 in terms of it's combat capabilities and is 25 milliion less cheaper than F-16 !

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