Power crisis grips Pakistan

Express April 15, 2010

LAHORE: Hundreds of protestors rallied around the Punjab Assembly premises to demonstrate against the ongoing load shedding in the province.

Punjab has been hit hard by load shedding with the industrial sector scaling down production, rendering thousands of workers unemployed.

In Southern Punjab, urban areas have faced upto 16 hours of power cuts, while rural areas have seen upto 18 hours of load shedding.

Demonstrations to protest the situation were seen in Sargodha, where citizens chanted slogans against the government and Wapda.

Protestors also came onto the roads in other cities and towns of Sindh and Punjab.


Haider Zulfiqar | 13 years ago | Reply I believe Pakistan should do what China did, implement single child policy on each family so they don't produce an average of 5 kids. More kids means more use of resources and in Pakistan we hardly have any as is evident by the fact that there is scarce food, water, shelter, electricity, etc. Last but not least change the education system to one which does not promote plagiarism but instead original thought. One solution i have seen here in UK is Solar panels to power single houses and since in Pakistan we have plenty of sunshine i think this should work but then again in Pakistan whenever you start a new project everyone opposes it. sigh
hameed ali khan | 13 years ago | Reply govt dont want to solve the poblem...if they they can do this in one are two days..they the are making the way clear for rental power projects becuase here is a lot of commission for them and they cant let go such a huge amount of commission..do you??????????
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