Collective responsibility: Toji Khel tribesmen not being issued CNICs, domiciles

Published: October 26, 2013
Toji Khel tribesmen are not being allowed to obtain a domicile, CNIC and other official documents. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Toji Khel tribesmen are not being allowed to obtain a domicile, CNIC and other official documents. PHOTO: EXPRESS


The political administration of South Waziristan has initiated a crackdown against Toji Khel, one of the main sub-tribes of Ahmadzai Wazir of Wana sub-division, over a land dispute.

The Toji Khel and Khujal Khel have had a land dispute for many years over Gawar Gura, situated on the north side of Wana Rustam Bazaar. In the past, both tribes have confronted each other in armed clashes leading to both human and material loss. But despite repeated attempts by jirgas to settle the matter, the issue is yet to be resolved.

A political administration official said a crackdown has been launched against the Toji Khel because they failed to appear before the political administration when both tribes were called.

Under the collective responsibility clause of the Frontier Crimes Regulation, the political administration has suspended the rights of all Toji Khel tribesmen. They are not being allowed to obtain a domicile, CNIC and other official documents, while the elders of the tribe have been banned from meeting the political administration’s officials or attending offices. So far a dozen vehicles belonging to the tribe have also been impounded from Tanai area of Wana, the official confirmed.

Abdur Rehman, a resident of Shah Kot village, told The Express Tribune he went to the National Database & Registration Authority office to make a CNIC, but was refused the identification card. “They said they have been notified to not process the CNICs of Toji Khel tribesmen. I had to go to the UAE for a job, but now I can’t,” he said.

Malik Gul Zar Toji Khel says the action against his tribe is cruel and unjustified. “Even the political administration is not sincere in resolving the matter. They claim to impose a fine on the tribe and end up putting the money in their own pockets, forgetting the Gawar Gura issue,” he said. “Students and those working in foreign countries are suffering due to this. It is not justified to make an entire tribe suffer over an unresolved, long-standing issue.”

Meanwhile, a jirga of the Ahmadzai tribe and the political administration of South Waziristan agreed to keep the 2007 Peace Agreement intact.

The Ahmadzai tribe jirga, comprising representatives of the 120-member Wana Committee, tribal elders and clerics, ensured full cooperation with the government to maintain law and order in Wana sub-division.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 26th, 2013.

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  • Oct 26, 2013 - 12:02PM

    These collective responsibility laws which were imposed on these tribes because the British colonialists were unsuccessful in subduing them. Why are these people still being punished for resisting the British invasion?


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