N-Gents officially begins ‘groo-men’

Published: October 8, 2013
Models clad in attires depicting the vintage fashion of 1940s, 50s and 60s at the launch. PHOTO: ARIF SOOMRO/EXPRESS

Models clad in attires depicting the vintage fashion of 1940s, 50s and 60s at the launch. PHOTO: ARIF SOOMRO/EXPRESS

KARACHI: The hippest socialites and celebs of K-town gathered this Sunday to celebrate in style the grand opening of N-Gents salon.

As one steps foot into the double-storey building, one witnesses a space that both through its interior and ambiance, focuses on comfort and sophistication. The interior is classy, with black and nougat brown hues. Zair, owner of N-Gents and son of acclaimed stylist Nabila, has attempted to simulate the vintage era aesthetic and pays homage to its values. “During the era, barbering was an art worthy of appreciation as opposed to today, where it is simply considered fashionable,” he said.

The hair-washing portion of the salon looks nice and relaxing. PHOTO: ARIF SOOMRO/EXPRESS

On the ground floor hang portraits of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, George Bernard Shaw and Ernest Hemingway. It is interesting to note that the sense of style of these iconic personalities perfectly epitomises the chic and masculine vibe of the salon. Pointing at these portraits, Zair said that he believes that everything has to do with the personality: “We will focus more on the personality and character of the man rather than the look. There has to be more below the surface.”

N-Gents is a modern day, feel-good salon that attempts to provide an all-rounded, traditional grooming experience for men. It is a dream come true for the metrosexual man. Bringing back the old school craft and charm, N-Gents aims at rekindling the concept of being scrupulously groomed at all times.

Staying true to the salon’s feel, the ambience at the launch was exquisite. PHOTO: ARIF SOOMRO/EXPRESS

The salon offers a wide variety of services, including stylish cuts, hot shaves, Moroccan baths and massages. As Zair affirms, the salon does not merely offer cutting and shaving services: “Our clients can come here for coffee, cigars, music, reading the newspaper and even to schedule their meetings before or after the cut; we are very open that way”.

On the question of what sets N-Gents apart from the rest of the salons, Nabila said, “It’s a different class. It is old school barbering techniques entwined with contemporary looks. It is top of the line and is not expensive.” Trained by the maestro herself, barbers at N-Gents are “qualified” professionals. The salon has seven in-house barbers and three visiting artists, according to Zair. “The place is service-focused; quality and client satisfaction are our top-most concerns. The barbers have been given stringent training in men’s grooming in a well-rounded way,” he said.

For Komail Anum, a client at N-Gents, who was present at the launch, his haircut and experience were fulfilling, bar none: “Not only did they [stylists] cut my hair but also treated it prior to the cut. Later, they also gave me tips on how to style it”.

N-Gents offers a complete experience and unashamedly acknowledges that men need to be pampered just like women do. As Nabila rightly said, “A male does sometimes want to pamper himself away from the female gaze”.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 9th, 2013.

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