Clash on campus: IBA event cut short by KU students

Activists 'harassed' students for playing loud music, IJT denies.

Our Correspondent October 04, 2013
"People are dying in earthquakes or starving to death and here you are, wasting thousands of rupees on singing and dancing," shouted one of the intruders, a witness quoted.


A trade fair at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) was cut short when a group of 30 students of the neighbouring University of Karachi (KU) harassed the organisers for playing loud music.

On Thursday evening, the IBA Main Campus student body had organised a trade fair to launch its Marketing Club on one of its lawns. With scrumptious food, refreshing drinks, fun-filled games, water activities and music, the event seemed promising until the KU students barged in and out to put an end to the function.

Over 500 people were present at the event when the group of, what the students called, intruders came in, threw down the sound system and overturned some of the corner tables. The "unexpected intervention" caused chaos as participants, not sure what happened, ran around the premises to take cover.

"People are dying in earthquakes or starving to death and here you are, wasting thousands of rupees on singing and dancing," shouted one of the intruders, a witness quoted.

Some IBA students claimed the young men were activists of the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) but the student organisation, which works to promote religion on campus, denied these accusations. "My organisation was not responsible for this incident," insisted IJT spokesperson Sohaib Ahmed.

Even the IBA administration was reluctant to share the identity of the culprits. "I am not sure actually who they were except for the fact that they were students of the University of Karachi," said IBA registrar Captain (retd) Ahmed Zaheer.

"Whatever happened in the end was unexpected and everyone was taken by surprise," said one of the participating students, who requested anonymity. "Despite a little mishap, in the end, it was an exciting event."

Most of the students were afraid to share information about the incident when The Express Tribune tried to contact them, claiming the IBA management was very 'strict'. "If any mishap occurs at the events organised by the student body, the administration takes no time to suspend the organisers," a student remarked bitterly. "They appear too obtuse to punish those who are actually responsible, such as the security staff," he added, claiming that the incident occurred due to a major security lapse. "They [guards] failed to stop the outsiders from breaking in."

Normally, it is not too easy for students of KU to enter IBA even though the latter is built inside the massive KU campus. Private security guards, hired by the IBA, stand at the entrances to make sure only IBA students are allowed to enter.

Meanwhile, the IBA registrar told The Express Tribune that some people tried to break into their premises but the institution's security personnel managed to control the situation. "They demanded the event organisers switch off the sound system that was playing loud music," he explained. These people were told that the students had organised a fun fair at the launch of their marketing club that was about to end by that time.

"They did not cause any physical damages nor did they harm any of our students," said Captain (retd) Zaheer. "Two of them, who were creating a lot of fuss over the issue, were handed over to the Rangers personnel by the IBA security guards."

Meanwhile, the IBA administration had also approached the police station but did not lodge a formal complaint, said Jamal Laghari, the SHO at Mubina Town police station.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 5th, 2013.


Jee Zaroor | 8 years ago | Reply

IBA is a respectible institution, or so I thought. I thought there was a difference between IBA/ Iqra & CBM. Ohh well.. maybe some of us really evolved from apes. No one should take things in their own hands. There couldve been many other ways to discourage such an event. BTW - recreational activities and dance parties are different things.

advice | 8 years ago | Reply


yeah i agree with you, the act of violence is condemnable they did not do the right thing. and IJT people are actually illiterate people (religiously), once they also have argument with me when i was sitting with some of my (female) friends at the campus, i am not defending this act of violence at all, i was trying to point out the issue, which some times becomes a disaster for the students (who don not have any party affiliation). most of the party guys actually do not suffer with by this problem, as they are not supposed to take interest in their studies. they only need a issue to exploit it rather to resolve it. i am actually against the Political bases inside any education institute.

Second i also admire the initiatives taken by IBA in the field of business studies. the are doing good. but you can not also deny my other point. you guys have parties organized by different student clubs. i dont know whether the management is also aware by this fact or not. as Dr. ishrat is the most talented administrator / leader i have ever seen.

no actually i don`t need the invitation, as i already witnessed couple of IBA events.

The last one was the carnival (when E.P was there). the crowd go mad at end and the mob actually turned in to a booty shake party. irrespective of gender. females were also being groped. boys were stripping their shirts. thats what i have seen. other than these parties. i have also attended the academic related events and trainings of IBA and i must admire them.

I know i can not teach you ethics and religion, its your right your views, its not necessary that you will see the things as i see. but you will agree with me on this: that these events should not be organized with in any educational institute for the prestige of education and the organization. For the parties you guys must hire a club / restaurant or any other venue. hope you got my point.

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