Musharraf supports talks with Taliban

Published: October 11, 2010
Former president vows to return to Pakistan by 2013 elections

Former president vows to return to Pakistan by 2013 elections

WASHINGTON: Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf on Sunday rejected the idea that his country’s intelligence was supporting the Taliban, but stressed the need for a negotiated end to conflict in the region.

“I was always of the view that we need to change strategy,” he told the ABC programme, ‘This Week.’ “We need to go in for deals. So my strategy always was to strike a deal.”

He said his position has been “vindicated now when everyone is talking of going into some political agreements with moderate Talibans.”

However, Musharraf refuted the suggestion that Pakistan is not doing enough to fight extremists. “Pakistan has always been accused of not doing enough. But I totally disagree with this statement – Pakistan is doing enough,” he said.

He acknowledged that Pakistani forces were struggling in North Waziristan, but said “Don’t generalise the statement that Pakistan army is not doing enough. They have suffered over 2,000 casualties. What do we mean by ‘not doing enough’?” he said.

Musharraf, 67, currently in self-imposed exile London, vowed to return to Pakistan before elections set for 2013. Despite facing arrest if he lands in Pakistan, he has been trying to build a Facebook following and cultivating media attention in hopes of staging a comeback.

“I have to create an environment of popularity, of political clout, and then I will go.  I will be there before the elections,” he said.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 11th, 2010.

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Reader Comments (10)

  • Nageen
    Oct 11, 2010 - 11:10AM

    YES PM, YES!
    At last, someone from the Political strata voiced it.
    Drones are inhuman…Dialogue is the need of time!Recommend

  • Nageen
    Oct 11, 2010 - 11:19AM

    Also, at least someone speaks from the political cloud about our “efforts not being enough”!
    What else they want, they have killed many innocent just to kill a handful of extremists by drones.
    We have lost our soldiers in the war, and they have been shot at too by “NEGLIGENCE”!!!
    So, we Pakistanis also have a right to say that the NATO forces are “not doing enough” to ensure that only extremists are being killed!
    It’s not about playing the blame game, its about restoring peace in the region!Recommend

  • ali hamdani
    Oct 11, 2010 - 1:43PM

    Negotiations have not really worked in the past so how would they now? I believe we will ave to eradicate them with further military intensity.Recommend

  • eraj danish
    Oct 11, 2010 - 1:44PM

    Military intensity must be kept high on Taliban at present moment because leaving them room for negotiations will influence the overall counter terrorism strategy.Recommend

  • Ahmer Ali
    Oct 11, 2010 - 1:44PM

    Assalam-o-Allaikum Warahmatullah.Yes definitely our leaders must talk to Taliban for the complete security blanket all over Pakistan,without considering US allegations for the vast internal security interests of Pakistan and for the whole nation,so that common man could live peacefully and calmly because in these insecure conditions most of the security and law enforcement agencies are appointed on leaders,ministers,bureaucrats and other highly ranked key posts’ officers including police and armed forces and common man’s security has been totally ignored on large scale and especially for the reduction the extra expenditures because Pakistan is a poor and debited country and can’t afford much more expenditures on useless things. Recommend

  • Faisal Arshad
    Oct 11, 2010 - 4:04PM

    Look who is talking :)
    If Musharraf had always been peace deal maker; why did he threw Pakistan into this so called war on (T)error; ….did he deal when murdering Bugti; or in Lal Masjid case…
    Now that the army has invested a lot of labour, energy, life and money; we talk about escape…
    who doesn’t know taliban is our military’s by-product, Do we ought to live with this aching tooth forever.?Recommend

  • Tax Payer
    Oct 11, 2010 - 7:13PM

    General Sahib

    After creating this mess in Pakistan; and running away now you are saying ”Sorry” that you have made mistakes.

    Thanks to our English Masters- they taught us ‘I am Sorry” and ”Thank you”

    Just think twice before coming down to Pakistan. You make mistakes very easily.

    ”Pakistan Zinda Rahey Tairay Baghair”Recommend

  • S. Ali Raza
    Oct 11, 2010 - 8:03PM

    Obama’s win had a lot to do with facebook. Recommend

  • Yasir Qadeer
    Oct 11, 2010 - 8:05PM

    If history is anything to go by, then we have tried this in past and have paid immensely for this mistake. A no –talk stance needs to be adopted with the terrorists. They must surrender and stop their criminal activities.Recommend

  • Nov 29, 2010 - 6:08PM

    I think talks with moderate elements of the talban are the only way forwardRecommend

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