President's nephew faces extortion threat in Karachi

Armed gunmen open fire outside the shop of President Mamnoon Hussain’s nephew.

Web Desk September 25, 2013

KARACHI: Armed gunmen opened fire outside the shop of President Mamnoon Hussain’s nephew after he refused to pay extortion money, Express News reported on Wednesday.

According to details available, the armed men had sent a chit to the shop, demanding money.

Having paid Rs0.5 million in extortion in Ramazan, Hussain’s nephew refused to pay money this time.

Police said the extortionists have been identified.

The shop of Hussain’s nephew is located in Karachi’s Light House area.

Extortion - along with kidnapping for ransom and target killing – is  a crime which has shaken Karachi the most.

Rangers and police have been busy arresting suspects involved in these crimes and around 2,069 suspects have been taken into custody during the recent targeted operations.

The government has also decided to try extortion, kidnapping for ransom and target killing under the anti-terrorism law.


Abid P. Khan | 8 years ago | Reply

@Arzoo: "Police said the extortionists have been identified. Yes, please keep it a State Secret so the people can keep guessing and speculating about the extortionists’ ethnicity and their political affiliations. Nothing in this country is ever transparent; from the August 11, 1947 speech of the Quaid and murder of the first Prime Minister to the murder of Benazir Bhutto. The citizens of Pakistan are always kept in the dark about the truth." . When Maulana Edhi exposed Hameed Gul and IK being the persons who had threatened him, he took refuge in England for safety. In many other countries perpetrators would be considered criminals and treated as such. . If another baker of Lahore is beaten up tomorrow by someone's in-law, what happens? Zilch. Truth shall never come out. Your Arzoo will remain an Arzoo.

SHB | 8 years ago | Reply

How about hanging few of the extortionist by the pole for few days. I know , lot of people will be upset with me for writing this kind of comment. So I am writing with all the due respect to their opinion .

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