Mumbai attacks: India says proposed date for Pakistani commission's visit is unsuitable

Pakistani commission had wanted to arrive in India on Sept 11 to cross-examine the witnesses of the case.

Aditi Phadnis September 10, 2013
The Hindustan Times reported India has reciprocated in the kind as it was not happy with Pakistan for pulling off the visit at the eleventh hour. PHOTO: FILE

NEW DELHI: India on Tuesday turned down the new dates on proposed by the Pakistani judicial commission for their visit in connection to the investigation of Mumbai attacks.

Pakistani commission had been planning the visit to cross-examine the witnesses in the Mumbai attack case  but was told that the proposed date of September 11 was not suitable. It was revealed that the witnesses would be unavailable on the date because of the Hindu religious festival, Ganesh Chaturthi.

Earlier, the Pakistani judicial commission was scheduled to arrive in India on September 4 but the commission had cancelled the visit citing "technical issues" as a reason.

The Hindustan Times reported that India's decision to reject the new dates was retaliatory as they had resented Pakistan for postponing the visit at the eleventh hour.

Earlier, an eight-member panel from Pakistan had visited Mumbai in April 2012 to cross-examine four key witnesses of Mumbai attack case, in compliance with the ATC’s order. However, the Mumbai High Court chief justice had denied permission to the panel through a judicial verdict. However, later on, a three-member commission from India, comprising the additional secretary and the chief prosecutor general of the Mumbai attacks’ case, visited Pakistan in December 2012, when it was agreed that the Pakistani panel would also be allowed to cross-examine the witnesses.


Rashid | 8 years ago | Reply

Tit for tat. You cancel one visit that was agreed. Now we refuse to agree with the date you want to visit. Score level.

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