Suicide: Woman jumps into canal with baby daughter

Police say she found out that her husband had remarried three days ago.

Owais Jafri September 02, 2013
Rescue 1122 officials have been looking for the bodies without any success. PHOTO:FILE

MULTAN: A woman committed suicide on Monday by jumping into a canal in Khanewal along with her two-month-old daughter after she discovered about her husband’s second marriage, police said. The bodies are yet to be recovered.

Police said Aasiya Bibi had married Muhammad Shafiq, a resident of 67/15-L, two years ago. The couple had had a baby girl in June.

On Monday, police said, Aasiya Bibi found out through a neighbour that Shafiq had married another woman three days ago in the nearby Wajhianwala village.

Police quoted Aasiya Bibi’s parents as saying that she had asked Shafiq to divorce his second wife, but he had refused, saying that he could afford to keep both of them.

This had led to an argument that ended in him leaving the house.

Her parents said she thought he had abandoned her. They said she had called them and informed them about Shafiq’s second marriage.

They said, “She was crying and cursing her fate. We tried to calm her down and told her to wait for him to return. We asked her to be patient for the sake of the baby.”

They said they had also asked her to come over to their house for a few days. They said they assured her that they would talk to Shafiq to find a way out.

A few hours later, they said, they were informed that she had jumped into Mailsi Link Canal taking her daughter with her.

Some passers-by who had seen her jump had informed the police about it.

Rescue 1122 officials have been looking for the bodies without any success.

Shafiq was detained by the police for a few hours, but later released after questioning.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 3rd, 2013.


Cancer | 9 years ago | Reply

@Lauren: You can't discredit polygamy based on a single example gone wrong. That would be equivalent to writing air-planes off as a viable transportation following a crash.

In addition, this man could NOT (Under any cricumstance) have married legally without the consent of his wife (Which is a requirement for a second marriage). Legally, he's liable for adultery and should be prosecuted and punished under the law.

@MJidiot, if anyone in this country is serious about the Quranic teachings, then they'd make sure justice is served as he comitted a punishable offence. Also, his marriage will do him no good as he being an adulterer cannot marry a non-adulterer without the mattered being referred to the courts.

@Mj - I applaud you for jumping in with your opinion without actually reading the whole thing first. @Nobody didn't talbinasee-brainwash-declare a fatwa to kill the husband. He merely expressed that if there was a death in this story, he would prefer it be the husband and not the wife. That is something, almost everyone would agree with. (If they took the time to read and think before firing off a comment).

MJidiot | 9 years ago | Reply

MJ, its easy to lecture but the one who is suffering can only tell the helplessness.Now his husband will live happily ,shamelessly.He should have taught properly,when dying is sure then why not punish the guilty.

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