I am a forgiving person: Musharraf

Mushar­raf reveal­s he forgav­e Nawaz and Shahba­z Sharif and has no current vendetta against them.

Express October 06, 2010

Former President Pervez Musharraf, in an interview, revealed that the Sharif brothers had ‘begged’ him to let them go.

While speaking to Kamran Shahid on Frontline (Express News), Musharraf said that he forgave Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif and let them go at the behest of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The former president said that he did not believe in the politics of vendetta.

He said that he had no personal enmity against the Sharif brothers, and even though they had made a big mistake when his plane was about to crash, he still ‘forgave and forgot’ the episode.

Earlier in another interview, Musharraf revealed that Pakistan had trained underground militant groups to fight in Kashmir, stating Nawaz Sharif’s apathy to the Kashmir issue as one of the reasons for pursuing this strategy.

Responding to this, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah strongly condemned Musharraf, calling him a traitor who must be tried in court.


Aftab Kenneth Wilson | 11 years ago | Reply @Saad. So to some extent we are on the same page. Theocratic government or governance is not the solution of our country. The relationship between Him and us is totally personal. The best form of governance is only which our Founding Father Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah gave but unfortunately we deviated from it and the rightists who after the demise of our founding father immediately encircled Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan and got passed "Ideology Resolution" and which was later inducted as integral part of 1973 constitution. Now we have multiple Ideologies due to people from different school of thoughts. During my studies to achieve a degree in Theological Studies I went through all books which are considered Most Holy by all who believe in The Name of Most Holy. I am proud of my self that I have Holy Books, Quran, Bible and also the Holy Book of Hindus (Geeta and Ramain). I even went extensively on those books which were there before all these books. The main problem here is though all believe in their Holy Books but no one is ready to follow them in letter and spirit and as such come up with their own interpretations which lead are half educated population towards the road of confusion and frustration. We all believe in Allah in our own sweet way but this must be something very personal and no one must try to impose his own version on the other so savagely. We need to do lot in education sector and character building. The educated classes (if they really are) have now started manipulating from this situation and as such are playing with the sentiments of these half cooked population. Again two more elections and we will see new faces both in lower and upper houses. Yes, last but not least, we need more provinces carved from the present four provinces.
Saad | 11 years ago | Reply @ Aftab KW, very well said indeed. At least 2 full terms for democracy and we will see the results. I wonder how impatient can we be with democracy? We can afford the "boots" for 10 years yet we can't give 10 years to democracy. Sadly enough certian elements of the media are just after this government --- so pesimists. How much pressure do they put on military to take action against the talibs in FATA, and not just making them go from one place to another - from Waziristan to Bajur and then onward to Mohmand??? . Unfortunaitly their Highnesses seems to have equally got their hands and pens both against the government, knowingly or not, but they are doing a lot more damage to democracy. . And again, i hope we won't get the theocrat Sharifs, had enough of their "jaag punjabi jaag" and "ameer-ul-momineen" phenominan.
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