Suspected terrorist: 20 year-old gunned down by police in Peshawar

Police officials are conducting investigations.

Web Desk August 10, 2013
Police officials are investigating Muhammad Khan's background possible militant affiliations. PHOTO: MOHAMMAD SAQIB/FILE

PESHAWAR: A 20 year-old named Muhammad Khan was gunned down by police officials in reactionary firing in Matni area on the outskirts of Peshawar, Express News reported on Saturday.

Muhammad Khan, a resident from Bannu, was reportedly coming from Kohat in to Peshawar to meet relatives. When asked to stop at a check post, he attempted to leave his car and run.

According to initial details, Muhammad Khan fired at the police officers stationed there which resulted in reactionary firing from the police. Muhammad Khan was killed on the spot.

A pistol was also recovered from his possession. The dead body and car used in the incident is in the custody of police officials.

Police officials are conducting investigations to find Muhammad Khan’s background information and possible militant affiliations.

Peshawar has been on red-alert due to security threats.


marc | 10 years ago | Reply

great job police, shoot all that do not stop!!

bigsaf | 10 years ago | Reply

Commentators are confusing this with other totally different incidents of Rangers' aggression.

Sarfraz Shah was an alleged thief, dis-armed of his toy gun, in custody, should've been hand-cuffed, and been easily beaten if he resisted, but ended up executed instead - no doubt malicious murder and extra-judicial killing.

Mureed Abbas was reversing his taxi, no warning shots, the tires could easily been taken out, but shot dead and could have killed his child too - some doubt for the offending officer, due to heightened alert of a previous attack on them earlier, he bypassed protocols, hastily and fearfully decided and assumed the worst without confirmation, and committed a tragic killing with poor/dangerous execution, and should be questioned, tried and held accountable for at least recklessness or manslaughter or negligent homicide.

There are limits which should not be broken by excessive police or security force and abuse. They must be questioned by the public and other authorities for accountability, and improved training should be ongoing. It is a difficult and stressful job, but there are clear lines, though the extraordinary situation and threat of terrorism will mean more heightened vigilance, but at the same time a lot of questionable decisions and often heavy-handedness, which should be avoided as they possibly can. Easier said than done.

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