Pakistan protests attack on Pakistani High Commission in Delhi

Indian Deputy High Commissioner to Pakistan summoned.

Web Desk August 07, 2013
Protests have erupted in India over the ambush of five Indian troops for which it holds Pakistan responsible. PHOTO: FILE

ISLAMABAD: It is India's responsibility to ensure the security of Pakistani diplomats, the Indian Deputy High Commissioner to Pakistan was told on Wednesday after being summoned to the Foreign Office, Radio Pakistan reported.

Earlier in the day, supporters of the Congress Party's Youth Wing had attacked the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi.

Foreign Office said that it was the responsibility of the Indian government to ensure security of Pakistan High Commission and Pakistan House.

A spokesperson of the Foreign Office said that protesters had also gathered outside the Indian High Commission and chanted slogans against Pakistan.

Protests have erupted in India over the killing of five Indian troops in the outpost of Poonch for which it holds Pakistan responsible even though Pakistan has denied any involvement in the attack at all levels.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said earlier during the day that it was impossible for Pakistan Army to have been at the area of the attack which is five kilometers away from the Line of Control.


zakir shah | 9 years ago | Reply

Mischief makers they want India & Pakistan to fight But the truth is fighting is now to old fashion or a way to deal with each other time has changed the people of Pakistan and India they are chips of the same block .As from Raj time they left so many mischief games for both to play ware games with each other . At that time of Mhtma Gandhi je the Raj was thrown out of India but when leaving they left a few problems for us to fight and from that they can earn their bread and butter from our region .The best is not to fight even if we dont like each other but start trading and share as fighting will not solve an problem or problems .Like wise people we must think what we can gain from fighting ? Only killing and buying weapons from Mischief makers to kill each other and spend our wealth on their people wear our people to remain poor that was not Gandhi Je dream that we must fight .Let us sit and think like wise people and find ways for better life of our People . Fighting each other will not help but unity will be better work for our region and say no to the mischief who wants to sell their arm to improve their Economy & Business with our wealth leaving our people facing poverty ..

Dr Dang | 9 years ago | Reply

@Bewildered: You are helpless with your jealousy. LOL

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