Bodies of 14 kidnapped passengers found in Balochistan

The passengers were on board five buses bound for Rajanpur in Punjab.

Web Desk August 06, 2013
The 14 bodies were found in the nearby mountains. PHOTO: FILE

MACHH: The bodies of 14 out of a total of 30 kidnapped passengers were found from the mountains near Machh in Bolan district, Balochistan Express News reported on Tuesday.

The passengers were on board five buses bound for Rajanpur in Punjab.

According to Dr Kashif, Assistant Commissioner of Machh, normally passenger buses out of Balochistan are escorted with safety personnel. However, a militant attack on an oil tanker in the same area lead to cross fire between the militants and the Balochistan Levies and Frontier Corps (FC), which kept security forces busy.

During the combat, one FC officer lost his life while two others were injured, Dr Kashif confirmed.

“Search operations in the area are continuing,” the assistant commissioner added while speaking to Express News.

The remaining passengers are still missing and the chief minister of Balochistan has taken notice of the incident.

The Frontier Corps (FC), the security force deployed in the province, has been struggling to maintain peace in unstable areas particularly those affected by ethnic and sectarian violence.


gujranwala789 | 10 years ago | Reply

And the most bizzare thing is that majority of the punjabis/saraikis living in Rajanpur are actually of baloch origin. So these BLA terrorists have shown how much they care even about the people who are actually related to them , they just happen to inhabit rajanpur for centuries and as a result speak local dialect of punjabi/saraiki.

gujranwala789 | 10 years ago | Reply

@Khurram Awan:

I really do not understand why there is no brotherhood based on our shared ethnicity among punjabis in pakistan. The main reason in my view is that establishment has messed up punjabi identity in pakistan, why punjabis in pakistan do not raise collective voice to condemn strongly the suffering of their punjabi speaking brethren in other provinces. You are the only poster that really takes the pride in being punjabi apart from being pakistani. I think the problem lies in the fact that our provincial capital lahore does not give a damn about our punjabi identity when it should be doing that because that is what we are, we are bound to each other due to similar dialects and culture in punjab, what is missing is the sense of acknowledgement of punjabi ethnicity in pakistan by the punjabis themselves.

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