Pakistan-bound passengers endure 40-hour delay at Manchester Airport

Airblue flight was scheduled to fly to Islamabad Friday night, but had not taken off by 4pm Sunday.

Web Desk August 04, 2013
Passengers waiting for the plane. PHOTO:

MANCHESTER: An Airblue flight bound from Manchester to Islamabad reported a fault on Friday, causing as many as 300 passengers a delay of over 40 hours, reported Manchester Evening News.

The flight to Islamabad was scheduled for take-off at 9.50pm Friday. It was then postponed to 3pm Sunday, but passengers still found themselves waiting at 4pm.

A spokesperson for Airblue, a private Pakistani airline, stated that passengers were offered rooms in the nearest hotel that could accommodate them.

However, many passengers preferred to stay at the airport instead of going to a hotel which was at least 80 miles away in Birmingham.

Manchester Airport said on Sunday that it was assisting Airblue in the matter.


kamran akram | 10 years ago | Reply

AIR BLUE are starting BIRMINGHAM direct NONSTOP flights to ISLAMABAD and LAHORE - the airline do not have IN FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT-

Demand is high VIRGIN< B.M.I. and British Airways must start BIRMINGHAM direct LONG HAUL flights to Pakistan Karachi and Lahore - Demand is HIGH.

Another airline like IR BLUE and delays is Turkmenistan who fly Birmingham to India - refuel stop Ashkabad and treat passengers unfairly with overload and delays and treated like Prizoners- I was kept in Ashkabad for a week on route Karachi to Heathrow and arrived in Birmingham a week later-

The worse airline for asian's but has a television screen in air.

Amir | 10 years ago | Reply

I dont understand why there are so much attack on Air Blue. The plane developed technical fault. Fine. PIA has had these issues for long. Unfortuntely there was one incident with Air Blue, and that too seems to be pilot error, where as PIA, Shaheem Njoja and the lot had major tech issues yet they kept flying.

I had been associated with PIA for 40 years (my Dad worked for the Airline, and retired when there was still some respect). And I had preferred Air Blue over PIA for long now, and had always had no issues or delays whilst travelling.

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