What shouldn't be said to a woman about her hair

Here is a list of things you should never say to a woman about her hair.

Ians August 01, 2013
Keeping in mind the trouble women go through to keep their locks healthy, here are a few comments people should refrain from making. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

NEW YORK: Women go out of their way to make their hair voluminous or to bring back lost shine. But it seems like almost everyone has something to say about their precious locks. While compliments can make a woman’s day, anything said against them can lead to a catfight.

Here is a list of things you should never say to a woman about her hair, reports huffingtonpost.com.

* What did you do to your hair?
* That's an interesting hairstyle.
* Your hair made you!
* Your hair looks thin!
* Your roots are showing.
* Who did that perm, girl? I can totally fix that.
* You used to have such good hair once. What happened?
* Why don't you do your hair like hers?
* How long did it take to get your hair done?
* I can give you the name of a good hairdresser.
* Is it supposed to look like that?
* Is that paint in your hair? (Referring to a gray streak.)
* Wow. It's so soft. It looks coarser.
* Do you colour it yourself?
* It makes your face look fat.
* Are you wearing a wig?
* Did you get that cut or colour or style or perm because you're having a crisis?
* Is that human hair?
* What hairstyle were you trying to go for?
* Wow, your hair looks so big!
* Really do not like your hairstyle!
* When are you going to get your hair done, baby?
* It's greasy.
* Why darling, you're bald.
* Oh, it's shorter than usual. Well, it will grow out.
* It makes you look old.
* I think you need to colour your hair.
* It's just different, that's all.


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