Have you heard? Mathira has a birthday wish for Zardari

Mathira wishes President Zardari happy birthday.

Sidrah Moiz July 26, 2013
Mathira wishes Zardari happy birthday. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

KARACHI: The ever-controversial Mathira cannot stay away from the limelight. Be it her recently banned condom ad or racy photo shoots, this starlet is not one to shy away from criticism and attention. In her very own Marilyn Monroe moment, the official Lux Style Awards Facebook page posted a photo of Mathira holding a cupcake in her hand to wish President Asif Ali Zardari, whose birthday falls on July 26. A statement on the corner of the picture read: “Happy Birthday, Mr President.”

While speaking to The Express Tribune about her photo, which went viral just a few hours after its release, she exclaimed that the “birthday boy” should have a great time. “We remember Shahrukh Khan’s birthday, we remember Katrina Kaif’s birthday, but we never remember the birthday of the man who runs this country,” said Mathira.

Expressing her fondness for President Zardari, she said “the man has a personality.” “I really like that guy (President Zardari), I think he’s great. I wanted to do something special for him [on his birthday] and so I did.”

“The best thing about him is that he has a ‘personality’,” continued Mathira. “Believe it or not, he can turn heads around when he enters the room.”

“People and the media don’t see his positive side. We make jokes about him, we belittle him. We forget that he has the country’s responsibility on his shoulders.”

Mathira hopes that Zardari is elected as president for a second term, too. “We should not place blame on him for everything that goes wrong in the country. No one knows what he must be going through.”


NoMatterWhat | 10 years ago | Reply


Have some brain, friend... Go and check out their epica and then point us out.

Ramla | 10 years ago | Reply

This women likes to seek attention. She does whatever that places her in the spotlight even if she has to lose her respect.

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