Hottie of the week: Fawad Ahmed

Afridi, eat your heart out! We have a ‘boom-boom’ new Lala on the rise.

July 23, 2013
Hottie of the week: Fawad Ahmed

Status: Single

Born: Merghuz, Pakistan

Birthday: 5th February, 1982

Who is he?

Afridi, eat your heart out! We have a ‘boom-boom’ new Lala on the rise, that too with one hell of an inspirational story! This gorgeous Pakhtun kick-started his cricket career in his native village of Merghuz at the Golden Cricket Club while simultaneously working for an NGO that supported women’s health and education but was forced to relocate to Australia owing to threats for indulging in the ‘Western’ game. However, once out of danger, Fawad’s rugged appeal and leg-spinner skills clean-bowled the land down under and he was signed to the Melbourne Renegades in Australia’s Big Bash League. Impressed yet? We are!

Why we love him

Given Fawad’s chiselled features and perfectly sculpted body, what is not to love? In just a few years of playing professionally, Fawad is on top of his game! He has already been dubbed by many as the “next Shane Warne” and one of cricket’s “most notable feel-good stories.” Despite his success though, he remains unbelievably down to earth and thankful for the second chance life has given him.

But we would like to add it’s not just the world of cricket he is winning hearts in! There is much more to this gorgeous Pakhtun that just that. For those who love the ‘strong, silent types,’ Fawad is a firm believer in gender equality and education. He feels that both are the fundamental rights of every human being and hopes for a world with free education for all. Instead of breaking and hiding away, Fawad decided to pursue his dreams despite all obstacles, maturing into a strong-willed and ambitious man with solid focus and a ‘nice guy’ appeal that melted even the hearts of Australian immigration officials who fast-tracked his claim for citizenship to keep him there.  Long story short, Fawad is the epitome of a hardworking and genuinely sweet guy, a treat to both the eye and heart!

What you didn’t know about him

Would you believe that that the first time Fawad played cricket was in graveyard in the Swabi district of Pakistan where a group of locals had reserved a plot of land for their matches?

His application for Australian citizenship was rejected thrice before they finally approved it and our guess is that the Australian government just couldn’t resist Fawad’s charming aura either.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, July 21st, 2013.

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jealousmen | 10 years ago | Reply

@ Mohammad Assad, now an Australian citizen.

So far comments section seems to be just men, jealous? send a pic to ET of yourselves then.

Rizvi | 10 years ago | Reply

He isn't as good as you are making him out to be. He cannot even get into the Pakistan A team let alone the National Squad.

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