DHA Phase 5: ‘Move your car, my dog needs to pee’

Former judge seeks to prosecute neighbours for trespass, defamation.

Rana Yasif July 16, 2013
One witness stated that the respondent had also told him that he was a terrorist and was responsible for bomb blasts in Quetta. PHOTO: FILE


An additional district and sessions judge has adjourned till July 25 a private complaint against a couple for allegedly threatening, assaulting and defaming their neighbour in Phase 5 of the Defence Housing Authority.

Tahir Naeem, the petitioner, has asked the court to punish Naveed A Khan, his wife, and their employee Manzoor under Sections 351 (assault), 352 (punishment for assault), 454 (trespass) and 500 (defamation) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

According to the complainant, the trouble began on July 7 when his driver parked his car under a tree at a vacant plot in front of his house. The respondents came out of their house, accompanied by their dogs, and rang his doorbell. They abused the driver and started shouting at him to move the car immediately, as the space he had parked it in was reserved for their dogs to urinate in, he said. They forced their way onto his property, he said.

Naeem, who was standing on his roof at the time, said that he told them that the space did not belong to them and that they shouldn’t use abusive language. The couple then began shouting that he had not voluntarily resigned from his post as additional district and sessions judge, but been dismissed, said the complainant. They had known this was not true but had still tried to defame him, he said.

The complainant said that the couple’s dogs were a nuisance to the whole neighbourhood, as they were noisy and violent.

The dogs were taken out on the street without a leash and were a danger to the residents, he said. The couple had on a few occasions threatened to set them on some children, he said.

Khan had also threatened him, said the petitioner. He had claimed to be a very dangerous person who had been behind terrorist attacks in his hometown of Quetta, he said. He had threatened to call 200 people from Balochistan to punish the magistrate and police officers if any complaint was moved against him, Naeem said.

Two witnesses in the private complaint have recorded their statements before the court. One of them, Muhammad Nawaz Alam, stated that the respondent had also told him that he was a terrorist and was responsible for bomb blasts in Quetta. The other witness was Naeem’s driver.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 17th, 2013.