Four minor girls raped by 25 men in India: Report

An FIR was lodged against 25 unknown persons.

Web Desk July 16, 2013
The four girls are said to be in a critical condition at the hospital. PHOTO: FILE

RANCHI: Four minor girls aged between 12-15 years were hospitalized after being gang-raped by a group of 25 men outside their residential school in Pakur district, reported The Times of India on Tuesday.

The girls belonged to the Pahariya tribe in the area and are said to be in a critical condition at the hospital.

According to police officials, around 25 boys, said to be in a drunken state were armed with knives as they barged into the school premises and took the guards hostage. The boys took the girls to a nearby location where they raped them for nearly two hours before fleeing from the scene.

The miscreants also snatched the mobile phones of the school staff to delay alerting police authorities. The school staff was able to alert the police later in the night.

Officer-in-charge of the Littipara police station Teslal Ram said: "The girls belong to the Pahariya tribe and they were staying at the hostel to learn tailoring. Some of the boys who participated in the crime were also staying at the same place."

Police officers from two different police stations have recorded statements of over ten people in connection with the incident. A team of forensic experts on Monday visited the place where the incident occurred.

Sources say the boys are suspected to be in their 20s. An FIR was lodged against 25 unknown persons.

Pakur police official Ramesh said that the police have identified all the accused. "Joint raids are being conducted to nab the criminals. We would soon arrest the culprits.”


Khan Kaka | 10 years ago | Reply

With economy tanking, Indians seem to be focusing their attention on rape these days.

Asif Butt | 10 years ago | Reply @darbullah: When you say "we Muslims" then you should know why we Muslims have been having all those problems. And its not just for the last 14 years. It can root back to Independence when the Hindus and Muslims did not want to talk to each other and only fight. Hence problems like Kashmir. And it is also tracked back to Jerusalem , where the international community based on its long term sinister exploitation plans helped Israel insert itself into the Muslim world. The so called terrorists are created , not born asexually themselves. So if you know the true meaning of "we Muslims" , then you know well what our teachings are and how we have to abide by it. The world is NOT about Muslim terrorism. The world has for the past few centuries has been about the West and its newly adopted global propogandas and sabotages. And for the last 50 years they have concentrated all their propoganda on Islam , due to Jews of-course. I wonder what views you Indians have about Israel and its occupation in Palestine...
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