Talks with Taliban: Pakistan for constructive engagement with stakeholders

The government to engage with India at the leadership level to work on bilateral relations.

Web Desk July 11, 2013
Foreign office spokesperson Aizaz Chaudhry said Pakistan generally exercise restraint to avoid tensions in our relations with Afghanistan. PHOTO: APP/FILE

ISLAMABAD: In a week when the Taliban, miffed over "broken promises", temporarily shut its political office in Doha, Pakistan called for "engaging constructively" all stakeholders.

The foreign office spokesperson during the weekly briefing on Thursday said that peace and reconciliation is the only way forward for a stable Afghanistan, despite increasing challenges like the stalled peace talks with Taliban and that "all stakeholders need to engage constructively."

"There will be challenges like the one you are referring to [Taliban office closure], but we need patience and perseverance in the larger interest of peace in Afghanistan."

The spokesperson said that Pakistan has come under a series of allegations from the Afghan leaders, however, he said that Pakistan wants to see peace and stability is needed in the larger interest of Afghanistan.

Pakistan welcomes resumption of dialogue

While the statement of the foreign ministry was wary of Afghanistan, it adopted a positive tone for the country's ties with India.

The spokesperson said, "the government has given clear signals that it wants good neighbourly relations with India."

"The Minister for External Affairs of India and Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan recently met in Brunei on the sidelines of the ARF. The meeting was cordial and positive," he pointed out.

With respect to initiating the dialogue process with its neighbouring country, the spokesperson said, "Pakistan would welcome the resumption of the dialogue process."

Pakistani officials are expected to meet with Indian officials at the UN General Assembly scheduled for September, the spokesperson said, adding Pakistan will be willing to engage with India to improve bilateral relations.

China and drones

Commenting on whether China would support Pakistan in its anti-drone stance, the spokesperson said, "China has always voiced its support for Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity."

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently returned from a visit to China which was aimed at strengthening economic cooperation and Sino-Pak bilateral ties.


csmann | 11 years ago | Reply

So what is china waiting for?Drones has been there for 10 years.

bharatvarsh | 11 years ago | Reply

Constructive, positive, islamic are not the words you associate with the taliban. Death, destruction and unislamic are the apt words for them.

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