‘Honour’ crime: Youth kidnapped, mutilated, beaten up, abandoned

Assailants accused his family of an assault on their ‘honour’.

Our Correspondent July 11, 2013
"My son doesn’t have any enemies, but my husband is accused by a family of helping their daughter marry against their will," Shah’s mother, Shahida Bibi. PHOTO: FILE


A man whose lips and nose were cut by men who accused his family of an assault on their ‘honour’ in Dera Ghazi Khan on Wednesday remained in critical condition at the district headquarters hospital.

A case has been registered against three men identified by the victim. No one has been arrested so far.

Choti police said that 22-year-old Nasir Shah was kidnapped from his home in the rural area of Pai Gaan village along the tribal belt on Tuesday night. His family said some men had come to the house asking for Shah. They said he went out to meet them and did no return.

The family said they looked for him for several hours before police were informed.

On Wednesday morning, Shah was found lying on the roadside near his house.

His family said he was in a bad condition. His lips and nose had been cut. He was taken to district headquarters hospital, where he underwent a surgery.

Doctors treating Shah told The Express Tribune that he was in critical condition. They said he had bruises all over the body and had several broken bones.

Medical Superintendent Sibghatullah Qureshi said that Shah’s condition was being monitored closely. He said it would only be clear after 24 hours if he still needed more surgeries.

Shah’s mother, Shahida Bibi, told The Express Tribune that while Shah did not have any apparent enemies, his father Ijaz Shah had been accused by a family in the neighbourhood of helping their daughter marry a man they had not approved of.

“The woman had eloped with the man to Rajanpur,” she said.

She said her husband had had nothing to do with the woman or the man.

She said she and her husband speculated that the same group was behind the attack on their son.

She said they had been threatening them with revenge “in a way they would have never imagined”. She said her husband left the area due to the threats.

An FIR was lodged under Sections 336/34 (assault) against the three suspects.

Police said Shah’s father is still missing. They said the nominated suspects had denied the allegations. Some of the other suspects would also be questioned, the police said.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 11th, 2013.


glorybea | 9 years ago | Reply

Large parts of Europe has neighborhoods so radicalized that firemen refuse to enter them without serious police protection!

Because we continue to elect weak limped politicians who are more concerned about Islamic feelings then they are American liberty we will continue to see Islamic growth. Also, the European and American media have sold out to Islam. Yes, the media has sold out liberty all across the globe. In Europe where rape is rampant due to Islam the mainstream European news either refuses to report the crimes or states that Asians committed the crimes. Muslims are not asians. The media purposely does this to mislead their readers. I think this is treason. I hope someday Islam will be made illegal throughout the world. It will be that or it will Islamic domination of the world. There is no in-between. Still though the choice is ours, will we put the pressure on our politicians to stop Islam's growth or will our grandchildren be bowing to a demonic deity several times a day? Islam is our generations burden and we cannot pretend the burden does not exist, If we fail our future generations and allow Islam to dominate the world we will enslave our children to the will of radicals. We will allow the world to fall into a darkness that will make the middle ages seem enlightened.

Democracy can accommodate Islam but Islamists can never accommodate democracy.

Stranger | 9 years ago | Reply

I don't know in which religious text its written that mutilation is legal and acceptable. I wonder if these culprits are really thinking that they are following the will of god by doing such things. If yes, then they need education and aware ness.

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