Forced displacement: Residents of Lyari migrate to Thatta, Badin

The process of migration can result in burdening the already insufficient resources of the rural areas of Badin.

Our Correspondent July 08, 2013
Residents moving out of Lyari due to the deteriorating law and order situation. PHOTO: NNI/FILE


A wave of migration has been reported from Lyari to the coastal areas of Badin and Thatta districts after recent conflicts in Lyari.

At least 30,000 people from Soomra, Hingora, Rahimoon, Sanghar, Udheja, Mandra and Bhatti communities have moved from Old and New Kalri, Agra Colony, Bihar colony, Alfalha Road and Hingorabad areas of Lyari. The affected people are saying that they were targeted by rival ethnic elements and their houses and shops were being looted so they have decided to move.

The process of migration can result in burdening the already insufficient resources of the rural areas of Badin and Thatta. A Badin resident, Haji Soomro, said that he is trying to approach district administration to declare residents as internally displaced persons (IDPs). Currently, some are either staying at their relatives houses or at the religious congregation sites.

In Thatta, several families of Katchi communities belonging to Kalri, Agra Taj and Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai road areas are now living in Dhabeji, Gharo and Mirpur Sakiro areas. Sattar Mandhro, a resident of Thatta told The Express Tribune, “Migration on this scale was last seen in 1971, right now locals are giving food to the  settlers but soon there is going to be a food shortage.” Many of the immigrants are trying to find places to rent as they are trying to settle in Thatta and Badin whereas there are many hoping to return to a peaceful Lyari.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 8th, 2013.


The Truth | 8 years ago | Reply

Karachiites have been yelling from the beginning to take suo moto notice of the confession of distributing 300,000+ automatic weapon licenses to commit murder and extortion (and not to be used at weddings).

Red wine at Islamabad airport is more important than red blood on the streets of Karachi for the establishment. There is no way that a banned terrorist organization that did not exist before 2008 can operate with such impunity in the largest city of Pakistan without the support of the you-know-who.

These “strategic assets” will soon be out of their control, just a heads up!

sgrr | 8 years ago | Reply

This is one of the glimpse of PPP Government performance especially wrt Karachi, though the circumstances are not so encouraging throughout the Sindh. The Sindh Government failed to protect the masses from the highhandness of the Lyari gangsters. If the Sindh government cannot save its people from the gangsters in a little area, how it can save people throughout the Sindh Province. Its a blessing of our constitution, where no one can interfare in law and order situation of a provinve, except the province itself, being a provincial matter. The only hope is the Allah Almighty in this situation, otherwise we have to wait another 05 years, but I don't foresee any change in the provincial set up and the present regime is going to be elected again, if the circustances remained the same.

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