Brainwashed: 2 arrested for attacking woman polio worker

They accused her of serving a US plot.

Our Correspondent July 07, 2013
When polio worker tried to flee, Jutt and his brother caught her and dragged her by the hair into the streets shouting that “she was helping non Muslims to harm Muslim children”. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

MULTAN: Police on Sunday arrested two men for attacking a polio worker in Sahiwal.

The injured worker was taken to the tehsil headquarters hospital, where doctors later said she was out of danger. The said she would be discharged from the hospital on Monday (today).

An FIR was lodged with the Chichawatni police against the two men.

Police said the polio worker, 23, who was assigned to the anti polio vaccination in Chichawatni, visited the house of Ziaullah Jutt to administer vaccine with a colleague. When Jutt entered the room, he began to hit her. He accused her of being a part of a US plot to give children a vaccine that caused mental retardation.

When she tried to flee, Jutt and his brother Abrar Jutt ran after her. They caught her and dragged her by the hair into the streets shouting that “she was helping non Muslims to harm Muslim children”.

Her colleague informed police and tried to get neighbours to stop the men.

When police arrived, the brothers fled. They were arrested after a three-hour chase.

Neighbours said that the brothers both taught at seminaries in nearby villages and used to give lectures on teachings of the Holy Quran in different villages and rural areas.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 8th, 2013.


roman | 8 years ago | Reply

bano: why do u think Mushtaq comment is ignorant. because u dont like it. maybe your thinking is too simplistic abt these incients. at least Mushtaq have some evidences. u dont have anything. And why dont they send men workers to these areas. why is it always girls.

A person | 8 years ago | Reply

To all of those who indulge in conspiracies:

First, realize what the intent of this person was. They are what many in the west call "bleeding heart liberals." These people love to help others, especially those in poor countries. She was trying to help innoculate children against a once-abhorred illness called polio. For those with children, consider how you would feel if you could have prevented your child's polio if you had let this aid worker apply modern medicine.

Second, for those who are a bit more radical, let me ask you this. Why are you on the Internet? The Internet started primarily because of the United States and that too from a military research wing called DARPA. If anything should tickle your conspiracy fancy, it would be that the Internet is a giant conspiracy. Yet you use it. Many of the aid workers are employing medicines that were funded through another arm of the U.S. government -- the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

If you are ignorant about how disease works, please educate yourself. Resorting to such brutality only makes your worldview look foolish.

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