Fantasies coming alive on canvas

Published: October 2, 2010
Babar Moghul

Babar Moghul

Scharjeel Sarfaraz Samina Islam Zia Haider Zia Haider Babar Moghul

KARACHI: “Phantasia” is an exploration of fantasy by four artists – Scharjeel Sarfaraz, Zia Haider, Samina Islam and Babar Moghul – who have used the subject to create individual bodies of work that will go up on display at the Poppy Seed gallery today (Saturday).

A graduate of Studio Art, Islam employed a stylistic approach to address the subject and weaved narratives out of her own experiences. Moghul, who graduated from the Karachi School of Arts (KSA) in 1993, linked the concept of fantasy with the idea of teleportation to reach a futuristic or past milieu.

Meanwhile, Haider, also a KSA graduate, employed an illustrative vocabulary to take on social issues while Sarfaraz, who learned to draw and paint through workshops at the Nantes, realised his dreams and the fantasies of aspiring socialites by painting them on canvas. The show will start at 5:30 pm on October 2 and will continue till Sunday, October 17, when the exhibition will close with a selection of “Phantasia” readings by Momin Zafar, Mohsin Siddiqui and Mehreen Hashmi at 4 pm.

Published in The Express Tribune, October  2nd, 2010.

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