Address from London: MQM chief asks workers to maintain unity

Says well aware of feeling of confusion among workers on some news reports.

Our Correspondent June 26, 2013
Says well aware of feeling of confusion among workers on some news reports. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: MQM chief Altaf Hussain has asked his supporters to maintain unity in their ranks.

He was addressing a joint meeting of the MQM Coordination Committee in London and Pakistan, said a party statement.

Altaf said he was well aware of the fact that there was a feeling of confusion among the workers and the general public on some news reports.

He called upon his party members to show patience and perseverance in difficult times.

Altaf said actions were being taken at national and international levels to break his determination and to frighten the MQM workers. He said that leaders, workers and sympathisers of no other Pakistani political party were meted out the same treatment.

He declared that such tactics would not be able to diminish their resolve and determination of the MQM.

He said that the MQM had been facing difficulties and hardships for the past 35 years. Thousands of MQM workers were martyred and many more put behind bars but the MQM could not be broken by injustices and oppression.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 26th, 2013.


shahnila fahmi | 8 years ago | Reply

I want to write something real events going on here in Karachi , some group of gangsters are selling people , specially Woman and young Girls , Some people like Aamir, aarif and asif , Hyder and (some police person also involve in these matters) sell out his own sister in Dubai just for money , some people are selling their newly born babies . They took passport and original documents from them . Those Gangsters use Man in Robbery , stealing , hacking , Bomb Explosion and Burning of Cars and Building during in some incidents . They hacked other database from different countries.

They use Woman as Call Girls , some time they teach them any thing that they want to do from them. Woman Trafficking is going on very active in Karachi , People carry woman to Dubai and Saudi Arabia to “ False Nikah Namah “ if someone ask as a Proof of relation .

Please Control every thing sooner , I am also target f them , They cant harm me but they have made me a piece of Drama , They spread wrong thing about me , I am unable to do job because they don’t want me to live Independently with High Head . They want me to take some Illegal and wrong work by making me poor , after several months of Joblessness I will be unable to understand what is right and wrong.

They insert little chip as Camera and pip inside any room and specially washrooms . They take snapshots from those cameras and Blackmail them t do Illegal work according to wish .

My Apartment persons union and men and boys are involved in these matters , Bait-ul-anam apartments , sector 5-k , north Karachi, karachi Please workout to them , I am here to help any of you but I can’t do any thing alone.

Thanks, Shahnila Fahmi

Reason | 8 years ago | Reply

Why do you people even support this man? He invites violence and hatred against individuals who oppose him, he does not seek to cooperate, or better the state of Pakisan (by that I mean Karachi). Every time one of the their workers are killed, they protest in the streets and shut down all the stores and markets. Are they blind that don't realize how much economic activity is lost in Karachi, how much it affects people who are struggling to survive? They are the only political party who behaves in this notorious way. They bully the local populace, take over public parks as their own territory; they are a group of thugs who have no acceptable vision for the future except harass the population and line their own pockets, only because they are MQM members. Please stop supporting this organization; it feeds on hatred and other governments are beginning to take notice (first Canada, now UK).

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