Summer hair tips, with love

Natasha Saigol gives some tips on hairstyling and hair care.

Momina Sibtain June 22, 2013


Most people focus their energy on skin care but when it comes to hair, they flake out and fail to do what’s needed. Apart from oiling, other precautions are barely taken. Hairstylist Natasha Saigol talks about how to maintain your hair during summer, how to counter manage the effects of excessive sunlight and dust, as well as how to style it in this humid weather.

As always, go for regular haircuts to get rid of split ends and prevent them from traveling further up the hair shaft.


For those of you who prefer to swim or be in the pool during the summers, please use either serum or leave-in conditioners. Comb it through and tie up your hair. It will seal the hair from the chemicals in the pool.



Just like we use sunscreen for our skin, our hair also needs protection from the sun. Use a sunscreen, a sun shield spray or products containing UVA or UVB protection. Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair, and, in the summers, it’s recommended to use milder shampoos as everyone is washing their hair more frequently.



As we all know, this is a very dusty city, especially in the hot season. Get used to combing (not brushing) your hair with a wide tooth comb several times a day to get rid of the dust. As the bristles of the comb move through the scalp, dust particles are dislodged and removed from the hair.



As hard as it might be, unplug the hair dryers, curling and straightening irons. Give your hair a break before the pre-Eid or Autumn events begin. After sun heat exposure, your hair is already prone to be dry and brittle. Wear it the way it naturally is, or put some mousse and scrunch it for a frizz free look.



To re-add the moisture to your hair, use a deep conditioning mask at least once a week. Almond oil will work just as well. It’s essential to smoothen and repair your locks. And if you dye your hair, be careful to use shampoos for coloured hair and always apply a serum to protect it from the sun.



For colours, it’s always nicer to go lighter in the summers; it’s great for all those holiday destinations, and it works well with all our bright coloured lawn outfits. Maroons, chocolates, chestnut, or any colour in tones of coppers, are not advised. These colours fade faster in the sun, and your hair will start to look brassy.


Ombre is still super in, and it’s great for the summer cause only the underneath (portion) is coloured, so its protected from direct sunlight and lasts longer too.


Styling with a low, exaggerated side parting and a loose bun or pony tail on the nape looks subtly sexy.


Braids are en vogue this summer. Experiment with loose twists and braids along the front hair line (like halo braids) with a centre parting or in wraps and buns. You could also try twisting a few strands from the front and securing them with pins while leaving the rest open, getting the uber sultry Game of Thrones look.



Accessorise your hair with bling. Secure those updos or braids with a bit of gold or silver sparkle. Oversized fabric flowers could also be tucked into pony tails, making you look effortlessly fancy.



The fringe is back girls — so it’s mid-length shoulder hair this summer.



Loose beach curls are much the hype. Give the hair a tousled effect to seem like it’s not really ‘done’. Use volumising sprays, curling gels or mousse, to dampen the hair, then either finger-dry it or tie it up in a bun for 20 minutes. Once opened, it gives a ‘rock-chic’ look.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 23rd, 2013.

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Monique | 10 years ago | Reply

thank you for the recommendation, I'll try that, I use argan oil from pro naturals which is really good too, helps me to reduce the frizz and keeps my hair soft, shiny and healthy too.

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