Krishna reacts to Qureshi's call for plebiscite

Published: September 29, 2010
Krishna ruled out a meeting with Shah Mehmood Qureshi. PHOTO: REUTERS

Krishna ruled out a meeting with Shah Mehmood Qureshi. PHOTO: REUTERS

Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna has reacted strongly to Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s call for a plebiscite in Indian held Kashmir and ruled out a meeting with his Pakistani counterpart in New York.

Speaking at the UN General Assembly session, Krishna claimed India did conduct a plebiscite every five years in the form of elections and that separatists prevented Kashmiris from exercising their right.

In his speech earlier, Qureshi said the Kashmir dispute is about the exercise of the right to self-determination by Kashmiris.

Krishna said Pakistan was facing internal trouble and was trying to “deflect attention” by using “Kashmir as a ploy.”

An angry Krishna later ruled out a meeting with Qureshi on the sidelines of the UN but said that dialogue between the two countries would continue when Qureshi visits India.

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Reader Comments (4)

  • shahid ali
    Sep 29, 2010 - 2:14PM

    It is not surprized that Indian minister rule out Mr. Qureshi call for voting through UN channel. India don’t want to be voted on Kashmir issue. It is practised policy of india on Core issue of Kashmir. A democratic country is not wish to be esteblished an election and to be known of Kashmiri openion. It is world history the freedom could not be given ealiy. But now the time of Pakistan to push up this issue on internation forum and it needs to be fully support of Kashmiri muslims.Recommend

  • Daubic
    Sep 29, 2010 - 3:43PM

    Mr. shahid ali, Let pakistan support Pakistani Muslims first and save them from being target killed or bombed from the terrorists it created. First let it treat its citizens as human beings rather than human dumps and protect them from their strategic assets. If Qureshi thinks, the killing of 100 people who created havoc in the roads as Human Violation, what he would say about thousands of death that happen in a peaceful places like mosque, public gatherings etc…. that happen in pakistan. First let pakistan consider about them and give its grave voice for its human citizens and then worry about neighboring country.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ibrar
    Sep 29, 2010 - 4:20PM

    “All LequidRecommend

  • inayat
    Sep 29, 2010 - 4:53PM

    The most deserved and fitting reply.
    What Pakistan has given to Kashmir (include Azad Kashmir) ?
    Kashmir made it clear to the sarvey conducted they want to be independant not to join PakistanRecommend

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