Kulsoom Nawaz Sharif contacts Fauzia Kasuri, asks her to join PML-N

Fauzia Kasuri is one of the central figures of PTI and a close associate of Imran Khan.

Abdul Manan/web Desk June 04, 2013

LAHORE: Kulsoom Nawaz Sharif has reportedly contacted Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf member (PTI) Fauzia Kasuri and made her an offer to join PML-N’s women wing, according to sources close to the PML-N.

Sources said that Kulsoom had discussed the portfolio being offered to Kasuri during their talk.

One of the central figures of PTI and a close associate of Imran Khan, Fauzia Kasuri has previously served as PTI women’s wing president and a liaison person for the party’s overseas chapters.

With PTI winning six reserved seats – four in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and two in Punjab – Kasuri lost the chance to represent the party in the assembly.

With many sacrifices for PTI including surrendering dual-nationality, there has been evident friction between Kasuri and PTI.

In her opinion, it all started when “compromised people” were given a chance to join the party. Though she realises the dynamics of any political party and the fact that people have to be taken on board, she feels “parties must stick to their ideology”.

She says her colleagues’ apathy and Khan’s silence give her signals that she is not needed anymore, since no one has contacted her or replied to her emails.


Ali | 8 years ago | Reply

People defect when meted out with this sort of treatment. In parties where leaders consider themselves demi-gods there is no place for a hardworking activist. This is not about seat this is about the respect you get in a party. When no one contacts you and you are left alone right after your party is defeated, you have reasons to doubt and reconsider your commitments. Javed Hashmi did the very same thing.

Rule of Law | 8 years ago | Reply

Double standards of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Nainsaf are exposing with each passing day. Merely criticising the Government is another matter but the Test of Time is elections and forming government. PTI doled out all the key Offices (Vice Chairman= SMQ, President= MJH, Senior VP= Swati) to newcomers in end 2011. Mysteriously, all of them remained unchallenged in much-trumpeted intra-party elections. Opportunism at its worst!

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