Music review: 'Ghanchakkar' music crazy, funny

Composed with the intention of providing fulsome entertainment and fun, it is a little crazy.

Ians May 29, 2013
The film features Vidya Balan as the female lead. PHOTO: IANS

The music album of director Rajkumar Gupta's Ghanchakkar has four tracks and a remix number. Composed with the intention of providing fulsome entertainment and fun, it is a little crazy.

Amit Trivedi, who has shown his versatility as a singer, belts out the first track Ghanchakkar babu. The quirky and peppy lyrics make it an out-and-out entertainer. The music scores well by being in rhythm. Shut your brain cells and enjoy the craziness of the number!

It has an impressive remix version as well, composed by Tanuj Tikku and Aftab Khan. The beats are louder and the composer duo has thrown in various effects. In short, enjoyable!

The third track is Lazy lad. Richa Sharma has added every bit of fun to the number by singing the lyrics in a different, yet interesting manner. The one-liners, especially Lo karlo baat are cheesy but funny. Again a senselessness number, but fun to listen to.

Divya Kumar has sung Allah Meherbaan in an exemplary manner. Although the song is of similar genre of the others, it is the singer's voice that adds meaning to the number and will make listeners pay attention to the lyrics.

The last track is Jholuram, which has made headlines for bringing back singer Altaf Raja of Tum to thehre pardesi fame back to movies. Compared to the others in the album, it fails to meet the expectations of the listeners. It is a character-driven song and might not have a mass appeal.

Short, crisp, crazy and entertaining is how music album of Ghanchakkar can be described. Most of the tracks are replete with fun elements and are a treat for those who enjoy meaningless wacky songs.


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