Electioneering: Only PML-N can ensure peaceful future, says Nawaz

PML-N chief pulls punches at PPP and PTI, defends his policies while in power.

Owais Raza April 30, 2013
File photo of PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif. PHOTO: FILE


Only Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) can ensure a peaceful future for Pakistan because its strategy is based on the aspirations of the people of Pakistan, claimed the party’s chief Nawaz Sharif. He was addressing a political rally in Okara.

I promise you of a peaceful Pakistan, free from terrorism and sectarianism because the PML-N is the only party that has brought on-board the real representation of all communities, creeds, beliefs and sects, he added.

Commenting on Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) central Punjab president Manzoor Wattoo’s interview to The Express Tribune in which the PPP leader said his party could offer the premiership to Imran Khan in a possible future coalition government, Nawaz alleged that this proved that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was a sub-party of the PPP. He added that PTI’s promise to end corruption was merely a cover to strengthen the rule of dictators. The PPP has just changed their identity through the PTI but the players are same and the agenda is the old one, claimed the PML-N leader, adding that his party would thwart every conspiracy not only in Okara but in the entire central Punjab region.

“The PML-N is facing a coalition of political parties trying to maintain the status quo of corrupt politicians, dictators and feudal lords but I assure you that we will beat them all with the power of the common man, who believes in our policy of merit and accountability,” said Nawaz.

Replying to allegations aimed at his party by PTI chief Imran Khan, Nawaz claimed that in its previous “two innings,” the party had constructed Karachi’s airport, which was a model of structure in South Asia, conducted seven nuclear tests and spent Rs100 billion on development communication and telecommunications in the country.

Nawaz took pot shots at the PTI chief claiming that he will not “speak rubbish” because the Election Commission of Pakistan had done the ethical thing by banning personal attacks. “Let all those who were abusing us now face the music,” he said.

Talking about the youth’s support for his party, Nawaz said that young voters have faith in the PML-N’s practical policies. “Information technology students have been endowed with computers, the students of agriculture have been given lands and business students have been granted loans,” he stated. Nawaz further claimed that he had also given scholarships and loans to the youth, which is why millions still stand behind him.

Nawaz was in Okara to aid the political campaigns of Muhammad Arif Chauhdary, PML-N’s candidate for NA-144, Mian Muhammad Munir, PML-N’s candidate for PP-190 and Mian Yawar Zaman, PML-N’s candidate for PP-191.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 30th, 2013.


Muslim Leaguer | 9 years ago | Reply

Mian Sahab, Pakistanis love you!

Ali | 9 years ago | Reply

I love claims like spent 100 billion on telecommunications. Don't you know Benazir done that as well. We keep hearing about fiber optics introduced by Benazir and also missile technology. The fact that they make claims that you can't check should not suprise you. The chances are that they are lies.

Next thing he will claim that he colonised the dark sie of the moon.

When he was in power spwnding on health and education was minimal. The economy was collapsing. We needed Kuwaiti help to pay of our debts. He claims that if he had not been ousted in 1999 Pakistan would be a tiger economy with in a few years.

Absolute bogus.

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