Police finds bodies of two Sindhi nationalists

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz claims eight of its workers have been killed in the past two years.

Our Correspondent April 28, 2013

HYDERABAD: The bodies of two Sindhi nationalists, 21-year-old Amir Khawarh and 20-year-old Sajjad Sarkhand, who were kidnapped from Larkana on April 24, were found from Dadu on Sunday.

The deceased supported Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz and were students at Sindh University.  Khakar police said that Khawarh and Sarkhand’s bodies were found from Khanpur link road.

Khawarh’s brother, Sirai Qurban Khawarh, was one of the leaders of JSMM. He was also shot dead in Sanghar in April, 2011, along with three other members of the party. Another member of JSMM, Muzaffar Bhutto, who had been missing since the previous one and a half years, was killed in Jamshoro in May, 2012.   Shafi Burfat currently heads the party which claims that eight of its workers have been killed in the past two years and many others are missing. JSMM is also considered to be pulling the strings behind Sindhu Desh Liberation Army (SDLA) which has been involved in a number of terrorist activities, including blowing up railway tracks and pylons.

SDLA attacked six branches of the National Bank located in various districts of Sindh last year. The party also claimed responsibility for several blasts that occurred outside the homes of members of Pakistan Peoples Party.  JSMM observed a strike in many parts of Sindh to condemn the deaths of Khawarh and Sarkhand. No case was registered by the time this report was filed.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 29th, 2013.

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Stranger | 8 years ago | Reply

Pak should never have got created. The subcontinent was one big happy family and could/ should have remained that way .

Mehran | 8 years ago | Reply

Pakistan has strong and independent courts. If nationalists are found doing unlawful activities, they should be tried in courts as per law of the land. But how on earth, it is fair to do extra judicial killing and send their mutilated bodies? Will it solve problems? Did it succeed in Baluchistan? Aint we reaping the worst results of Kill & Dump policy adopted in Baluchistan? Today Baluchistan is under complete shadows of war like situation thanks to such rogue policies. How sane is it too repeat the same with Sindhi Nationalists? It will only push Sindh to fires. Who wants Sindh to destabilize? Whoever is behind such action is enemy of Pakistan because such kind of actions will only create fissures in society. Civil society, media, intellectuals and progressive people must come ahead and save Sindh from being a new Baluchistan.

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