Eating out: Gowalmandi Food Street to re-open in 10 days

‘No official notification will be issued but street will be dealt with as a food street’.

Rameez Khan April 19, 2013
DCO Mehboob said that re-opening of the food street would help promote tourism. PHOTO: FILE


The Gowalmandi Food Street will be re-opened in 10 days District Coordination Officer Rizwan Mehboob announced on Friday.

The Food Street was closed two years ago by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government, on the pretext that it disrupted the lives of locals. The district government has now prepared a plan on how locals should enter and exit their houses in case of emergencies.

The inauguration might cost Rs3 million which would be spent mainly on improving sewerage, seating, paint for buildings and patch repairs on the adjoining roads. The budget has not been finalised or allocated.

The project is being overseen by the works executive district officer. A meeting regarding the re-opening of the street was held on Thursday. Representatives of Food Street businesses, the DCO and the works EDO participated.

It was informed about the work required before the opening of the street. The city district government is encouraging the shopkeepers to get sponsors or spend the money themselves.

DCO Rizwan Mehboob and TMA staff visited the site on Friday. The DCO was briefed about the plans made by the TMA in case of any emergency on the street. Under the plan, the shopkeepers would remove any obstacles so that ambulances could enter and exit the five streets leading off the Food Street.

DCO Rizwan Mehboob told The Express Tribune that shopkeepers from Gowalmandi Food Street had called on him and requested that the street be re-opened after his recent visit to the Fort Road Food Street.

He said that he was told that food outlets were operating in the area without proper arrangements. He said that he had informed the traders that the city government wouldn’t be able to spend a huge amount on its re-opening.

He said that most of the funds required would be spent on improving the sewerage.

DCO Mehboob said that no official notification would be issued, however, the street would be dealt with as a food street by the Data Ganj Baksh Town TMA. He said that it would help promote tourism.

Tipu Butt of the Gowalmandi Food Street Association said that he was happy that the city government was supporting the revival of the Food Street. He said that there were more than 50 shops in Food Street.

He said the shopkeepers would spend their own money for the development of the street.

He said that the place would again become the hub of food lovers.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 20th, 2013.


Sabir Shah | 8 years ago | Reply

Dirty unhealthy and unhygienic food is sold on the food streets. People should be encouraged to eat at home.

londonistani | 8 years ago | Reply

it would get shut down again, once CM Sethi goes out and new CM CH.Nisar comes into the office.

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