'Two or three times only': Musharraf admits to allowing drone strikes

Musharraf claims strikes were allowed when the target was isolated and there was no chance of collateral damage.

Web Desk April 12, 2013
Former president Pervez Musharraf says strikes were allowed only two or three times. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

ISLAMABAD: For years former President Pervez Musharraf and the Pakistan government insisted that they never allowed drone strikes. But on Thursday, Musharraf told CNN that there were exceptions.

"Only on very few occasions where the target was absolutely isolated and had no chance of collateral damage," Musharraf told CNN’s Nic Robertson in an interview in Islamabad.

Musharraf though denied that a security agreement between Pakistani and US forces existed that gave a blanket cover to the strikes which have killed over 2000 people. However, for some instances when the army could not get to some targets or strike fast enough, then the strikes were allowed two or three times.

"One discussed at the military level and intelligence level to strike. And if at all there was no time for our own SoTF and military to act. That was very... two or three times only."

The civilian government that replaced Musharraf in 2008 has consistently called the strikes to be counterproductive causing greater animosity amongst the people, contributing in creating new militants than the good they do in killing militants. Additionally they violate Pakistan’s sovereignty.

The last five years have also seen the drone activity in Pakistan reach its peak.


Syed Shah | 8 years ago | Reply

@Seema:Yes read his book chapter Manhunt where he was trying the West that they were not being complacent but were serious in anti terrorism efforts and sited the examples of how many terrorists they caught and in some cases handed over. It was construed as he was catching Pakistanis and handing over. It was not what you are inferring from the book. If you read in the book what you imagine instead of reading what in fact he wrote what can one do. This is called pre=conceived notion based on hatred.

Seema | 8 years ago | Reply

@Assad: Poor Assad military is responsible for defense policies.... so civilian govt silently took the burden of Mush and military.... Aafia and thousands of pakistani handed over to USA as terrorists for money.... plz read Mushruff's book he himself admitted proudly.

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