Higher penalty: When you ignore the red light, make sure you have Rs500 to spare

Traffic police have imposed a standard fine of Rs2,000 for repeated offenders.

Our Correspondent March 27, 2013
The Traffic DIG has also taken strict action against officers who are corrupt and dishonest in their dealings. The traffic police are also installing more security cameras on the roads to keep an eye on their men. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: Next time you choose to ignore the red light, make sure you have Rs500 to spare because the traffic police have increased the fines on 52 violations to make sure that laws are followed thoroughly.

At a press conference on Monday, Karachi traffic police chief DIG Abdul Khalique Shaikh said that increasing the fines is among the several major steps that are being taken to improve the traffic situation in the city. Given that the penalties had not been updated for the past 12 years, the higher fines will make people think twice before breaking the law.

The increased fines apply to tinted windows, signal violations, ignoring one-way signs, over-speeding, and driving without a helmet, or a driving licence, or an unregistered vehicle. There are also new laws in place for repeated offenders.

“Usually, if a person is fined Rs50 the first time, they are fined the same amount the next time so the violator does not bother how many times he repeats the same mistake,” said Shaikh. “This will not happen anymore. Even if a person is fined Rs50 the first time, they will have to pay Rs2,000 if they break the law again.”

Shaikh has also taken strict action against those officers found corrupt. He suspended and punished at least 10 traffic policemen, including a sub-inspector, an assistant sub-inspector and seven constables recently because they were dishonest in their work.

The department is also planning on starting an SMS service to help commuters and  negotiations with cellphone companies are underway. “We are about to start an SMS service through which people will be able to get information on traffic jams from the comforts of their homes,” he said. “When people leave their homes, they will know which routes to avoid.”

The department is also starting a traffic campaign from the start of April to educate commuters about traffic rules and regulations. They are also trying to revive around 40 cameras that were installed in different spots of the city, such as Sharae Faisal and district South, but have not been working for the past several years. “Apart from reviving these, we will install more cameras too.” Shaikh felt that cameras will help the police enforce traffic laws and remove corruption among their officers.

Some revised traffic fines are as below:

Violation                                      Old fine            New Fine

Tinted windows                             Rs200               Rs500

Signal violation                             Rs200               Rs500

Driving wrong way                         Rs100               Rs500

Driving without helmet                 Rs50                 Rs300

Driving without a licence              Rs300               Rs1,000

Over-speeding                               Rs200               Rs400

Driving an unregistered vehicle              Rs100      Rs1,000

Published in The Express Tribune, March 27th, 2013.

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Published in The Express Tribune, March 27th, 2013.


xyz | 9 years ago | Reply

90% of the traffic police of Karachi are from Interior Sindh and are here just to make quick bucks . Anybody driving on the Karachi roads will vouch for this .

This "new opportunity ' will crate a higher muk muka for them .

Does anybody remember there was almost no traffic jams during the month of Ramadan ???? And did they witness how traffic were managed by the locally appointed traffic wardens ?

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