Transparency International says Metro Bus project corruption free: Sharif

Will start Metro Buses in Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi if PML-N comes to power, says Shahbaz.

Shamsul Islam March 13, 2013
File photo of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. PHOTO: FILE

FAISALABAD: With the National Accountability Bureau due to start probing the Metro Bus project over irregularities, the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday claimed that projects launched by Punjab government have been declared corruption-free by Transparency International.

Speaking at a laptops-distribution ceremony at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) on Wednesday, he vowed to, “start Metro Bus projects in Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi if people support and vote for PML-N and bring it to power in general elections 2013”.

He also said that the country is experiencing its "worst ever" situation of darkness.

“If we come into power, I would change the darkness of the country into light. The people can change my name if I fail to do so,” he said. “If the people of Pakistan will vote for PML-N in general elections 2013, the destiny of the country would be changed and Pakistan will get its due status at a global level.”

Commenting on the laptops and solar lamps project, Shahbaz said that only a literate generation can drag the country out of the prevalent crisis. He claimed that the Punjab government realised this and started the distribution of laptops and solar lamps in order to encourage talented students.”

The Punjab Chief Minister added that industrial and agriculture sectors of the country have been badly damaged due to shortage of electricity, which has destabilised the national economy.

“210,000 solar units have been distributed throughout the Punjab which would help in dragging the country out of darkness,” Sharif said.

Talking about the Metro Bus Service, the CM said that “Metro Bus service has changed the lifestyle of the poor. About 125,000 people are benefiting from this project on a daily basis”.


Imran Ahmed | 8 years ago | Reply

@WAJID: I oppose PMLN on other grounds but this seems a good use of resources. You may carp that there are other equally valid or more needed projects but this is also beneficial to Punjab. Subsidy by public money is always spent on such transport infrastructure by governments everywhere. The returns are in increased productivity.

WAJID | 8 years ago | Reply

Total people that can travel / day (Maximum) = 112,500 Fare = 20Rs Fare collected each day (112500 x 20Rs) = 2,250,000

Cost/KM to be paid to Albarak = 360 Per Bus Per Day Expense (360Rs x 27km) = 9,720 For Ten Trips per bus per day (9720 x 10) = 97,200 For Ten Trips for 45 buses (97200 x 45) = 4,374,000

Daily subsidy to sustain (4374000-2250000) =2,124,000

Total Subsidy Paid (4374000Rs x 28days)= 122,472,000 Cost Recovered through Fare (20Rs18Days112500) = 38,232,000 Total Cost for first month of MBS = 84,240,000

To sum it up, Punjab government had to "pay 84.2 Million Rupees in subsidy" ...

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