Designer’s support Abbas Town victims

Fashionistas hold a fundraiser at The House of Ensemble, but were unable to garner a lot of supporters.

Socialites and designers gathered at The House of Ensemble for the fundraiser. PHOTO: AYESHA MIR/EXPRESS


Fashionistas stepped up to lend a hand to the victims of the Abbas Town carnage by putting up clothes and accessories on up to 40% discounts at The House of Ensemble on Saturday.

“We are not just sitting in our drawing rooms and talking about it [Abbas Town incident], but are making all possible contributions towards a cause which is to rehabilitate the victims,” Shezray Husain of The House of Ensemble told The Express Tribune.

When asked why action was taken only after this incident, Husain explained, “When things hit close to home, you react. Karachi is our home and any inhabitant of this city, who has grown up here, has a deep love affair with it.” She added, “No matter how far away you are from your hometown, Karachi still holds the key.”

The fundraiser, hosted by the House of Ensemble, offered a 40% discount on the outfits exhibited on stalls outside the store, whereas the collection exhibited inside, had a tag of 10% off on the goods. Besides clothes, bags and shoes were also on display along with bread baskets from high-end restaurant Okra. The charity event, however, could not garner a lot of supporters.

Naveen Dar, a working woman, who arrived at the event specifically to support the cause said, “I came particularly to support this cause. It’s a good effort and we definitely need to help the people who suffered gravely in this tragedy.”

Designer Nomi Ansari, who put up his outfits on sale, seemed determined to endorse the cause but lamented that Pakistanis, as a nation, are not supportive. “We are trying to help the people in need and relocating them in new homes. So far, we have sent out trucks containing basic necessities like bed sheets, soaps, etc.”

Yusra Askari, a journalist who is keenly involved with this cause and has managed to send out trucks full of useful items said, “It is our duty to help our own. This is not just charity, it is our responsibility.”

The donations collected from the fundraiser will be deposited to The House of Ensemble’s account.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 12th, 2013.

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Hayyee | 10 years ago | Reply

this is very bad condition when the law enforcement agencies failed to secure the people, due to cruption the security agencies can't taake action against the fundamentals. the peoples arrange their own security system. crupt peoples will earn mor in the name of Abbas town.that is why you does not now any correct figure of the peoples died the peoples injured how manyflats destroyed. how many shops destroyed. how many vendors destroyed how many peoples were working as employee in these shops how many perchaser died how many passer by died how many children died. it should be know all the peoples of Pakistan that the killers killed tha all sect peoples the servivors of the families know the Government providing them compensations but whom ? there is a lot of issus for example Mehdi Hussain seriously injured and under treatment in the Agha Khan Hospital. a cheque of rupees one milliom issued from the commissionor office with the name of "Mehdi Hasan" Mrs Mehdi Hussain returned the cheque , its may b one Mehdi Hasan and one Mehdi hussain. I suggested that should be add his or her father's name with NIC Number. so far this is my request that all the NGO's CBO's and welfare org amd Government institute issued their list of effecties and the losses of the peoples. A.Hayyee

Samiullah | 10 years ago | Reply

Really good step. This incident against humanity. No muslim is allowed for such crime.

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