Inventive thinking: Student displays prototype of bomb-defusing robot

The robot was put on display during a day-long project and poster exhibition held by the institute at the UoP.

Asad Zia March 07, 2013
M.Sc final year student at the Institute of Physics and Electronics (IPE) University of Peshawar demonstrates his wireless bomb defusing robot. PHOTO: THEPESHAWAR.COM


Suleman Khan, an MSc final year student at the Institute of Physics and Electronics, University of Peshawar (UOP), has made a low-cost wireless bomb defusing robot that will provide an extra line of defence for bomb disposal squad (BDS) personnel.

The robot was put on display during a day-long project and poster exhibition held by the institute at the UoP on Wednesday.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Khan, who hails from Mardan, said the robot’s main objective is to provide remote-controlled analysis of a suspicious packet. Additionally, the robot is also meant to allow users to manipulate the packet using the robotic arm, provide visual feedback from the site, and ensure user-friendly controls.

He said the robot is capable of defusing bombs weighing up to 21 kilogrammes from a distance of 15 to 20 metres, and has a wireless camera for live visual transmission.

Apart from having the ability to tunnel view an object, the robot is also capable of carrying out experiments in hazardous environments and espionage activities, added Khan.

“The robot was built under a budget of Rs100,000 over a span of three years,” Khan claimed, adding the invention takes commands using wireless technology. “It allows the squad to defuse bombs from a safe distance, instead of trying to do so with their bare hands.”

Khan said deteriorating law and order in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) and Fata had motivated him to design this project.

He maintained if the government support the project, its capacity could be enhanced to locate and defuse explosive devices weighing up to 40kg from a distance of 60 metres.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 7th, 2013.


Sulaiman | 8 years ago | Reply

So nice to read all these comments in fact discouraged comments, i made this at my own effort in a short period of 3 months ( not 3 years ), it involves a lot of mechanical work which is not my field as i am a student of M.Sc Electronics, & i claim that it is the first of its own type as the wireless technology for control, used in the robot has never been used before. at the time of presentation, if any of the reader was present there, they may remember that i said i build it at my own pocket money, i know how to implement X bee in it for control, but i use a radio control because i can afford that, i use all the parts including mechanical & electrical/electronics, which are easily available in the market, so that if the Govt was interested in manufacturing it on industrial level, they may face no difficulty in searching of its parts. & if i got a sponsor i can modify it to the international level. those who say that i have copy it from some where else, they are right, up to some extant, but before saying this they must think that every new invention comes from existing inventions.i study the current existing system & then start working on it, i build it three times because every time its mechanical had some problems, i didn't copy it from any where, if any one claim so, he/she must inform me so that i can study that robot & modify my own. those who thinks that it is fake or just a drama, i may inform them that at that time all the media reporters were present, & i perform its function right there in front of them, & for those who thinks, would it defuse a bomb or not? i ll say that at the time Right Bros made the first airplane they never thought of today's Air bus. they just give idea & the rest is what we are having today. Still if any body have any question, may contact me via my E mail address. Thanks ti Tribune & all the readers for comments, i like them because they pointed me my lacks,

Habib Ullah Manjotha | 8 years ago | Reply

Its very great about such kind of inventions from Pakistan. Thanks to God & Thanks to Khan for such a great idea.

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