Gilgit-Baltistan CM’s ‘friend’ bursts the bubble

Adviser to the GB Chief Minister Mohammad Nasir has accused his own government of nepotism and corruption.

Shabbir Mir September 14, 2010

GILGIT: Adviser to the Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Minister Mohammad Nasir has accused his own government of nepotism and corruption which is taking place “under the nose” of CM Mehdi Shah.

“Shah knows everything but has shut his eyes,” Nasir told reporters in Gilgit. “Cabinet members are making money through illegal means but nobody is willing to stop this practice,” he said. When asked to explain his allegation, Nasir said that everyone is aware of what was going on.

“Nepotism is common. All the members of his cabinet have become ministers by means of money,” he said. Nasir said that Gilgit-Baltistan was being divided along linguistic lines. He was referring to the chief minister who hails from Skardu and some other members who hold key portfolios also belong to the same region.

The adviser said that he did not understand why all members of the legislative assembly were silent over the matter. “I ask the chief minister to take a bold decision and stand against those promoting nepotism and favouritism,” he said.

Other detractors feel that Shah’s government is fragile.

Hafiz ur Rehman, the regional president for the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, said that Shah government’s days were numbered. “This is an indication of it. I tell you the government will soon fall,” he said, referring to the adviser’s allegations.

Responding to the accusations, local government minister Engineer Ismail said that Nasir’s statements were grounded in his inability to secure a place in Shah’s cabinet. “This is because of his frustration that he is making statements against his own government,” he said.

He said that the chief minister’s performance was an open secret and everyone was aware of his work. “If the adviser has any complaints, he should come to us instead of making [public] statements,” he said, adding that if Nasir has any proof against any minister, he should make that public instead of using indirect tactics.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 14th, 201.


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Noor Muhammad | 11 years ago | Reply If only Naseer could have got the dear ministry that he failed to get, his eyes would have been as glued as Shah's.
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