Khar calls for foreign minister level talks to de-escalate LoC conflict

Foreign minister says continued tension along the LoC is not in the interest of peace, stability in the region.

Huma Imtiaz January 16, 2013
Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistan's Minister for Foreign Affairs speaks on stage at the Council for Foreign Relations in New York, January 16, 2013. PHOTO: REUTERS

NEW YORK: Foreign Minsiter Hina Rabbani Khar disappointed with rhetoric following a series of ceasefire violations and death of soldiers on both sides of the Line of Control, called for a foreign minister level meeting to “sort out things.”

“Instead of issuing belligerent statements by the military and political leaders from across the border and ratcheting up tension, it is advisable for the two countries to discuss all concerns related to Line of Control (LoC) with a view to reinforcing respect for the ceasefire, may be at the level of the Foreign Ministers to sort out things,” she said in a statement released on Wednesday.

“Pakistan and India are both important countries of South Asia.  It is imperative that they demonstrate requisite responsibility for ensuring peace by addressing all concerns through dialogue.”

Khar said that rhetoric and ratcheting up of tensions is counter-productive.

“We are saddened and disappointed at the continued negative statements emanating from India both from the media as well as certain Indian leaders.”

The foreign minister said that Pakistan has observed a measured and deliberate self-restraint, especially in public statements on India. “This has been done keeping in view the interest of peace in the region.”

“We have invested hugely in the dialogue process and have worked energetically to keep the dialogue process moving forward in a sustained and constructive manner,” she said, adding that “Pakistan has gone out of the way to build constructive relationship with India.”

“Continued tension along the LoC is not in the interest of peace and stability in the region.”

Tensions have flared in the past week after three Pakistani soldiers and two Indian soldiers were killed after India started construction of posts near the LoC, in violation of the ceasefire. Things have not cooled despite a brigadier level meeting between troops on both sides on Sunday. But statements from the Indian army chief and another Pakistani soldier was killed in cross border firings on Tuesday night.

However, militaries on both sides came out on Wednesday with a public desire to de-escalate tensions.


SHock | 8 years ago | Reply

well slogans and reality and preaches are different....she is in America, otherwise shouting here or across the boarder

Sluzhba | 8 years ago | Reply

@G M Patra, @Alex: What utter rubbish, India just committed unprovoked aggression against Pakistan across the LoC and is now lying to the world, all the while it is rejecting all offers of independent investigations because it is the one who has something to hide, not Pakistan. The likes of you do not get to lecture Pakistan on what it should and shouldn't do. India.

@G M Patra: The fact that the US govt had to announce a reward to produce evidence admissible in a court of law against Hafiz Saeed means you are in no position to brandish his name to run a charade of your country being an innocent victim.

@Alex: Pakistan would love to mind its own business if India stops attacking it all the time. Obviously you are the one who is misinformed. The problem isn't Pakistan or its army, the problem is India and Indians like yourself.

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