Balochistan security: Zardari calls meeting with allies

President will consult with the allies over the issue of Balochistan’s security.

Web Desk January 13, 2013
Shias demonstrate as they sit between the coffins of bombing victims in Quetta on January 12, 2013. PHOTO: AFP

President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday called a meeting of government allies belonging to Balochistan, following the uproar caused in the aftermath of the twin blasts resulting in over a 100 deaths in Quetta, Express News reported.

The session is scheduled for Monday, January 14.

The president will consult with the allies over the issue of Balochistan’s security.

Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf arrived in Quetta to meet Shia Muslim families refusing to bury their dead after devastating bombings.

At least 92 people were killed and 121 wounded Thursday in twin suicide attacks claimed by militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in an area dominated by Shias from the Hazara ethnic minority.

It was the worst ever sectarian attack on Shias, who account for around 20 per cent of Pakistan’s 180 million people and are regularly targeted for attack by extremists.

Shia families have refused to bury their dead and vowed to continue a sit-in protest with thousands of others until the army takes over security in the city.

They have been sitting in the open with the bodies for the past 48 hours.


Polpot | 10 years ago | Reply "Balochistan security: Zardari calls meeting with allies " Impressive. The same president has earlier instructed that Load shedding must end in 90 days.
Morons | 10 years ago | Reply

All those who believe that the political leaders are to be blamed: If one is a Muslim, he cannot deny the word of God which clarifies the people of world that they will have leaders similar in essence to the deeds they possess. Each individual acknowledges these words and contends himself that he is just but the others around him are to blamed for the leaders. These people are the ones who ask for removal of leaders. If we realise the words of God we may not put up such foolish queries. Think who you are following, check on your religious leaders, reflect on their characters and investigate the conflicts in their sayings. There is no conspirer against you but yourself.

The government, intelligence, judiciary and the army, all know who the culprits are but fear the people. The people who follow or fear religious extremists, conciously or unconciously. Take for example the Edhi worker who gets threats from the unknown for helping the Quetta victims, starts to fear and a silence will prevail on his conscience disallowing him to work effectively. The same fear prevails on the establishment and government, the fear of disintegration by the people if they act. Yet it is the same people who are suffering.

A liberal Pakistani writes brilliantly against clerics on ET yet uses a fake name. He is also under the same fear.

So, what is left is a fearless religious extremist loose on the streets of Pakistan. Openly targeting the politicians, opposing sects, judiciary, army and individuals. Sending a false message of conspiracy (Anti-america, Anti-West, Anti-Israel, Anti-India, Anti-world) to hide his hideous acts.

The effect is a failing nation (Pakistan).

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