#RIPKhudiAli: Social media salutes a fallen peace activist

Social media users pay tribute to his work and resolve to take his mission of religious tolerance forward.

Web Desk January 11, 2013
Khudi Ali during a protest in Islamabad. PHOTO: PAKISTAN YOUTH ALLIANCE FACEBOOK PAGE

KARACHI: January 10 marked one of the deadliest days in the history of Balochistan as 100 people were killed in three blasts.

Among the dead was Irfan Khudi Ali a peace activist.

Social media users, after hearing the news of his death, paid tribute to his work, activism and resolved to take his mission of religious tolerance forward.

Below are few of the updates on twitter and facebook:

Raza Rumi ‏ Rest in peace my friend @khudiali -> Sorry that we could not save a bright mind, a brave soul like you. We are killing ourselves. #Pakistan

Samar Minallah Khan SHOCKED #Khudiali you were fearless. U spoke what needed to be said. This country needed U. What a loss! #Hazara #Quetta#Bombing

Abdullah  #RIPKhudiAli: You are always in our hearts and will be missed. I didn't imagine that you will leave us.#HazaraGenocide

The Second Floor: Last year, PeaceNiche curated the Social Media Mela held in July 2012. One of the sessions was "Connecting with the World In Their Own Voice: Bridging the Mainstream Media Gap". Irfan Khudi Ali joined us as a panellist to discuss the power and potential of social media to combat human rights abuse and persecution. He was brave, outspoken, and fearless. We have just learned that Irfan has been killed in the Quetta bomb blasts. RIP, dear Irfan. It was an honour to have met you.

Omid Bidar #Malala@khudiali's profile pic was once your photo for he WAS what you ARE. I hope you will help us make him memorable. #RIPKhudiAli

Qızılbāš ‏ #RIPKhudiAli  A sit in protest is held in Quetta for 90 innocent lives taken with 80 coffins in freezing winter

Saad Khan ‏ We value people only after their death. #RIPKhudiAli

Pakistan Youth Alliance: Irfan protesting in Islamabad against religious extremism. May his soul rest in eternal peace and his words inspire us to fight extremism.

Jis dhaj se koi maqtal main gaya wo shan salamat rahti hai,

Ye jan to ani jani hai is jan ki to koi baat nahin

Shahmeer Khan #RIPKhudiAli Yesterday It Was Him, Today it Might Be Me, Tomorrow It Might Be You. Raise Voice Ag Violence, Say No To #ShiaGenocide! #ASunni

arif  A pic of a man, @khudiali who loved all religion, died of religious violence yesterday. #RIPKhudiali

Hassan Khan ‏ Politicians who seek help from forces who promote sectarian violence should be banned for lifetime. #RIPKhudiali

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly mentioned that Imran was a cameraman for Samaa. The error is regretted.




Sohaib Qamar | 8 years ago | Reply

RIP. Mission of religious tolerance to be took forward. God bless all such activists around.

Farhan | 8 years ago | Reply

This is called learning the hard way... Obama is on his knees after a nerve-wracking war. Why do some people in pakistan think they can defeat them. There is only one victor and everyone knows who they are...

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