Pakistan denies its troops killed Indian soldiers

DG military operations speaks to his Indian counterpart, denies that Pakistan troops were responsible.

Afp January 09, 2013
A file photo shows Indian Border Security Force in Jammu. PHOTO: AFP

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Wednesday formally denied an Indian claim that its troops killed two Indian soldiers in a cross-border attack that has raised tensions between the two nuclear tipped south asian countries, a military official said.

It was the first official reaction from Pakistan after India summoned Islamabad’s envoy to New Delhi to protest at the killing of the two soldiers, one of whom was reportedly beheaded.

The Indian army says the soldiers died after a firefight erupted in disputed Kashmir around noon Tuesday as a patrol moving in fog discovered Pakistani troops about 500 metres inside Indian territory.

But the Pakistani senior official said Pakistan's director general of military operations had spoken to his Indian counterpart by telephone to deny that his troops were responsible.

"Pakistan rejected Indian army allegations of cross LoC (Line of Control) firing by Pakistani troops and killing any Indian soldier," the official said in a statement.

"Indian authorities were informed that Pakistan has carried out ground verification and checked and found nothing of this sort happened as being alleged by India," the official added.

He accused India of "propaganda" to divert attention from a raid on Sunday, when Islamabad said one Pakistani soldier was killed by Indian troops who raided a Pakistani post.

Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar too summarily rejected India's claim.

The Foreign Minister while talking to Indian news channel said that the Pakistan government is appalled at the suggestion that Pakistan troops were involved in the incident and stressed that her country respects the ceasefire that is in force since 2003.

"The government has already given its response. We are appalled at some of the statements coming from India," she told the news channel, adding that the matter has left her a bit saddened.

"We want to respect the ceasefire of 2003; this is absolutely unacceptable for such allegations to be made. We have investigated the matter and we are sure that such an incident did not take place," she added.

The Foreign Minister said, "We need to grow up and think. It is not Pakistan's policy to do so (kill Indian soldiers on LoC) and that did not happen."

She further said that Pakistan is open to any third party investigation into the matter.

She said, "We are so sure of this that we can go and ask a third party to do an investigation. UN observers can come in and probe the entire matter."


Blitz | 10 years ago | Reply

Do you people realize how funny it is to read alternating Pakistani and Indian comments, threatening and competing with each other over who wins the argument? Seriously, you people need to get a life.

It is common knowledge (so no point in denying it) that India did not approve of the partition and even though today they have come to terms with it, they still don't approve of it. Indians will always be sore about this in the back of their minds. Pakistan on the other hand, was always aware of this and therefore never really trusting towards the Indians, despite all the peace talks and cease fires.

Who has the stronger force, who is braver, who is me it looks the same as when an adult watches two children fighting over a toy and trying to be superior...immature and childish, not to mention, utterly stupid. Both countries are nuclear powers, and nukes all work the same way.. so doesn't really matter. Both the nations have a hundred problems plaguing them. Instead we continue tossing accusations at each other, all the while our countries are rotting.

I don't know what the truth is regarding this LoC incident and frankly I don't give a crap! Why? Because the real truth will never come out and we will only end up fueling each other's dislike for one another. Both nations need to reevaluate their policies towards each other and adopt a more mature attitude.

And for my Pakistani brothers, do you HONESTLY think that just because India lost at cricket this time that they'd be mad enough to execute military operations against their enemy? Pakistan has lost a lot of times in the recent past, and how would you like if the Indian accusation that Pakistan was involved in the Mumbai attacks was because we were angry about losing at cricket? Please don't open your mouth on public forums if you don't have your brain connected to it.

You represent your country when you speak in public. And all of you, Indians and Pakistanis are doing a remarkably shameful job at it. No wonder the West pushes us around like idiots.

Pakistan Army | 10 years ago | Reply

@ endian :- Yeah ur army has excellent record of unprovoked cross border shootings and murders not only along the Pakistan-ind border but also along the BD-ind border. Keep ur trigger happy hilly billies in control. Otherwise you know what happens to murderers; they get repaid in the same kind by getting riddled with bullets. Reverse karma. Our army is not afraid to lay down their lives for their Pakistan, while your army is afraid to patrol the jungles of Chattisgarrh and countless other Maoist infested states of your dysfunctional dystopia also known as india. Dont let your ego get over-inflated. You dont want to wake up the other day with the rather unsavoury news of Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, and several other states being no longer in association with india

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