Beauty regiments for dry winters

Here are a few tips to keep yourself glowing.

Laila Dharamsey January 06, 2013
Keep a balanced diet and if you can’t, take some vitamins to cure those deficiencies. PHOTO: FILE


Winter’s here and everything is dry and parched. This time of the year can  prove deadly for you hair, skin, lips and nails and thus you need to take extra care. Here are a few tips on how to keep yourself and your skin looking soft and velvety smooth!

Winter hair

The over-use of a chemical called sulfate, which is present in shampoos, results in your hair becoming dry as well as breaking off and falling. Try not to wash your hair every day and in case you have an oily scalp, invest in a dry shampoo — it works wonders! Sometimes, winter causes dryness to your scalp which results in dandruff. So make sure you oil your hair at least once a week to prevent any signs of dandruff — crush a little tablet of vitamin E (oil) and rub it on the tips to attain softer hair.

If you hair is still flaky, try an anti-dandruff shampoo. However, keep in mind that most contain zinc and such shampoos end up pulling out the moisture from your hair. The trick to well-nourished hair is vitamins. Cutting down on carbohydrates causes hair loss so keep a balanced diet and if you can’t, then take some vitamins to cure those deficiencies.

Static hair, on the other hand, is the result when your hair picks up an electrical charge from dry air around you. To avoid this problem, which is very common in this season, switch to a more hydrating shampoo and conditioner. An alternative solution is to use anti-frizz serum or simply apply a leave-in conditioning spray.


Skin becomes extremely itchy, dry and just horrible in winter. Adding a few drops of olive oil in water and bathing in it helps lock moisture in your skin. Massaging baby oil over your body before jumping in the shower also helps and so does the essential process of moisturising post-showering, which is something that seems to be neglected by most people.

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Keep a balanced diet and if you can’t, take some vitamins to cure those deficiencies. PHOTO: FILE

For extra dry skin, application of cocoa or shea butter does wonders; it is available at The Body Shop for Rs 1,690. For cheaper yet equally satisfying results, opt for Nivea or Dove body lotions and moisturisers which are easily available at local stores throughout the country. Usage of a good moisturiser for your face is equally important — Olay Total Effects works best for me, but everyone’s skin is different, so find one which suits your skin’s needs.

Lip care

If your lips are not chapped in this utterly dry weather, you must be super woman! Applying chapsticks and lip balms regularly helps restore moisture in your lips — Labello is one that works best for me and is available at stores such as Ami’s and Aghas. One important thing, which is always forgotten, is that keeping yourself hydrated in winter is key. Because of the cold, people find themselves drinking less water, which is wrong — keep a check on your water consumption!


There’s never a better time to pamper yourself and get a mani-pedi at your favourite spa with your best bud or mom! With a variety of options and products available at spas and salons, you can now take your pick. The newest product in the market is Thalgo which has specifically been designed for dry winter skin. But for me, nothing beats OPI pedicures!

Published in The Express Tribune, January 7th, 2013.                

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