Pakistan come from behind to beat India, lift Asian Champions Trophy

Pakist­an were down 1-2 at half time, but came back in the second half to win the match 5-4.

Web Desk December 27, 2012
Pakistan beat out arch rivals India 5-4 to win the tournament. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

DOHA: Pakistan came from behind against India in a closely fought final to win the Asian Champions Trophy hockey tournament in Doha 5-4 on Thursday, Express News reported.

The match, in which India led at half time 2-1 were pegged back by a resurgent Pakistan who raced to a 3-2 lead after the break. India managed to equalise twice as Pakistan extended their lead to 5-4.

The match though had a controversial moment when in the dying minutes, the Indian team while contesting a long corner walked off. The Indians while attacking the Pakistani goal missed a chance, but contended that there was enough contact for a penalty corner. The Korean referee though ruled otherwise. After a heated argument, the entire Indian team walked off the turf.

However, the drama soon ended as the Indians returned on to the field shortly afterwards.

But Pakistan held on for the remaining couple of moments to clinch the cup.

India had defeated Pakistan earlier in the tournament 2-1 on December 24, 2012. But the green shirts turned up when it mattered the most on Thursday.



Indian Troll | 8 years ago | Reply

@Adnan: Read the comment by one Asoka Gunatraseva towards the end. He makes more sense than all your victory jubilation over what is really not a victory over an Indian team playing with little or no enthusiasm against Pakitan.

Asoka Gunatraseva | 8 years ago | Reply

I read all the comments by your readers who seem to be ecstatic about their silly hockey victory. If it matters so much for a nation starved of any good news, I would like to be amongst the first non-Pakistani readers (actually, I am from Sri Lanka and am a Buddhist) to congratulate Pakistan at recording a victory over India. There is, in all frankness, nothing much to this victory because, in the final analysis, it is merely a sports event and it is but natural for one side to win and the other to lose. But what amazes me is your highly exaggerated victory celebration that goes way beyond expectation (or, is it because Pakistan gets a bad press all the time in every important segment of life?). I believe, personally, that victory is relished by maintaining a sense of restraint; indeed, humility tends to dignify victory and makes the victor look admirable. This is, ostensibly, not the case with Pakistanis. I will give you your two minute of glory and ecstasy, but if you want to be remembered in life, then you will have to do a lot more for yourselves and the world: become good and tolerant people, accept other faiths and views, and not eliminate opposing ideas (though you may not share them). Stop terrorism and religious extremism, and concentrate on economic development, healthcare and education. For God's sake, do not kill or harm minority children or your own just because they want to go to school. If you do not stop this senseless violence and extremism, you will go down in history not only as a failed state but also as one that was disastrous for all mankind. If you stop that, the world's attitude to you will change. And that will be a true victory, not this superficial and silly one in hockey which could have easily gone in India's favour if the Indians had tried harder.

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