Messages from Facebook: Dear Bilawal Bhutto Zardari...

We received over 400 messages for Bilawal as he enters mainstream politics.

Web Desk December 27, 2012
We received over 400 messages for Bilawal as he enters mainstream politics. (PUBLICITY)

On December 26, we asked our readers on The Express Tribune Facebook page to give us one message they would like to pass on to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on the day he enters mainstream politics.

We received over 400 messages for Bilawal, of which some of the best responses are below:


Shehbaz Khan 1) Spend at least 50 days in Pakistan as common citizen of the state and you will know the solution and the problems.

2) Before his death Gandhi told Nehru, Do you want to rule India for the rest of your life? If yes, than control the price of Bread, Bicycle and Cinema's ticket as these are the things that the common Indian use. So in those 50 days as a common citizen you should list 50 items that the common man consumes on daily basis and maintain it's price for the next 10 years. You will rule this country forever. Else if it happened like Faiz's predictions 'Ehl-e-hakam kay saro'n par jab bijli khar khar kharkay gi' than we will do with you what Ahmad Faraz told us 'Ab sabhe bay zameero'n ka sir chahye .. Ab faqat masla-e-taaj-e-shahi nahe'


Muhammad Sikandar Saleem Khan Your Father is an academy of politics. If you wanna ace politics be his disciple.


Atif Nawaz Khan Be a leader form you own new Party.... Go with Bhutto's Wish. Beat PPP and be a hero like your actual ancestors!


Hussein El-Edroos Bilawal should start from the bottom and work his way up. This way he will not fall flat on his face and he could hope to be a good leader.


Ahmad Hammad Come with an intention to revamp the system of education in Pakistan. Re-structure it on the lines of the one that has produced the best people in the West. That is, make the Pakistanis learn to think critically; and contemplate scientifically right from the class one.


Sahoo Barlas Learn from your emotional grandfather, clever father and charming mother. But never try to copy them. They played their roles on different stage with different script of play. You have to play on a different stage with different audience of different taste. Give original voice to PPP. Stand with the masses. Don't fear the ruling lot. They are already afraid. Man in fear can't decide wisely on intellect but on instinct. And instinct will lead you to adhocism where we are already living. Bring Change, try for change... Nothing but change is constant.


Ali Channa Don't fight for the title or position, fight for the people of all backgrounds and serve them with honesty... Let young people join you who can act powerfully and keep the seniors for advisory sector.


Muhammad Maroof Mittha Do not come to politics just because you are baffled by the sacrifices your elders made. This is not a throne you are heir to. Let the democracy be internalized in your party. Save yourself from effective political role. Let some Jiyala shape your party politics. Your leadership will shun democracy in your party. Your leadership will tell the jiyalas that for a person to lead People's Party he has to be the daughter of Bhutto, the son of Bhutto or a spouse to Bhutto. Please let it be the people's party in its true sense.


Yousuf Ali Travel around in Karachi without your entire motorcade and entourage of armed body guards for at least a week, please, nothing more.


Anthony J. Permal Dear Bilawal, us minorities are watching. Remember us beyond the elections!


Zubair Uddin Shaikh You should hold on to the fact that you are a Pakistani first and next should be a Bhutto as you may think, Pakistan produced Bhuttos and this is their responsibility to respond positive.


Shehrazade Shah be your own man and neither emulate those who are gone, or try to be what those around you now, tell you to be - above all..... show the courage and fearlessness to bring to justice those deemed even closest to you... that is what will gain you respect and popularity - otherwise, stay away, party and be merry!


Kashif N Chaudhry Can I, an Ahmadi, come back to Pakistan and serve my country as an equal citizen with complete freedom and security? Your grandfather initiated a process which ensures that I remain a third-class ostracized citizen of Pakistan.

Can you wash away his sins?


Ali | 8 years ago | Reply

Social media is not free and independent.If there is no resistance anything can be taken over.

Muhammad | 8 years ago | Reply

I'm not against you because you've never really lived in Pakistan. If the average Pakistani had a chance, he would leave too. I'm against you because you have no qualifications whatsoever in leading a country at all!

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