Eighteen dead in Kohat bomb attack

A terrorist attack has taken place in Kohat. 18 people have been killed while many others are injured.

Agencies/ali Syed September 07, 2010

Eighteen people were killed and more than 50 wounded in a bomb attack targeting a police headquarters in Kohat on Tuesday, police said.

"Most of the victims were women and children, and 10 houses were badly damaged," Khalid Khan, a top administrative official in Kohat, told AFP.

The toll of 12 dead and 50 wounded was also confirmed by a senior police official in Kohat, Dilawar Bangash.

“We have imposed an emergency in Kohat's hospitals," Khan added.

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KP Information Minister addresses the media:

The terrorists have gathered strength again in the backdrop of floods Information Minister Mian Iftikhar maintained, adding that terrorists are still present in Mohmand Agency and other tribal areas in huge numbers.
The good news is that government has now become stronger and the terrorists’ strength has drained. The ugly face of these brutal killers has been exposed to the people who hate them... they have been playing with religious passions under the garb of Islam.


Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain said the victims cannot be moved to Peshawar right now and must be treated in the facilities present in Kohat.

He said that the shortest route that goes to Peshawar is through Data Khel which is not a safe area to travel from due to the presence to terrorists there. The minister said that electricity is being supplied to the region through the use of generators.

Iftikhar said that the terrorists are trying to demoralise the police but we should continue operations against these militants irrespective of their location. Mian Ifttikhar also said that the terrorists have a base in Tirah, where they are reported to be regrouping.


According to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa minister Bashir Bilour, seven people have died in the blast and 45, including several women and children have been injured.


Eyewitnesses say the explosion was a suicide attack carried out by a terrorist driving an explosive-laden vehicle.

Express 24/7 reports suggest the death toll may rise higher as bodies are being pulled out of the rubble.


Injured have been taken to District HQ Hospital and Combined Military Hospital. At least 20 injured have been rushed to nearby hospitals.

Many people remain buried under the rubble.


Hospital sources say 5 people have died in the Kohat blast.

The bomb disposal squad is in the area, and initial investigation suggests the attack was either a planted device or loaded on a vehicle.


Iftikhar Firdous reporting for Express 24/7 says that fire has engulfed the area and the destruction has been 'massive'. Upto 25 living quarters have collapsed due to the explosion.

Fire-fighters have been called in to tackle the flames.

The death toll stands at 4, while 5 others are in critical condition.

Nature of the blast yet to be confirmed.

The injured are being shifted to hospital but rush hour traffic is hampering rescue efforts.


Death toll rises to four. Express News reports that casualties are likely to rise as many wounded people are caught underneath collapsed homes and shops.


Three people have been killed while several others are injured.

The Taliban had claimed responsibility for a major attack in Kohat in April. A militant spokesman had said the twin suicide attacks on a police station was in response to police arrests and the killing of militants. At least 9 people were killed and more than 32 others including policemen were wounded in the attack at Pindi Road.


Police have cordoned off the blast site.

Authorities fear casualties due to the intensity of the blast.

Sources say the target of the blast was Police Lines.


A number of shops and houses have been severely damaged due to the intensity of the blast.

The blast has caused the site of the explosion and adjoining areas to be plunged into darkness as electricity poles have been destroyed.


Ambulances have reached the blast site.

Express News reports that the blast was of high intensity.


Police Colony is located in a central area of Kohat city.

Earlier there were reports regarding the Taliban declaring they would continue to target Pakistani security forces with suicide attacks as they claimed responsibility for the latest blast that killed 19.


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Farukh Sarwar | 10 years ago | Reply It’s insanity at its rise and apparently there is no solution of it. These terrorists are trying to demoralize the whole nation, but it shouldn’t happen.
Bilal Raza Qadri | 10 years ago | Reply I don't know why a few people are using name of Black Water and foreign hand for such incidents. Is Hakeemullah Mehsud head of Blackwater and Lashkar Jhangvi/Sipah Sahaba is Raw. Religious extremists of a particular sect are involved in such heinous crimes; if they are being financed by someone even then it's a fault of these fanatics.
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