Taliban to continue attacks on security forces

The Taliban claimed responsibility for Monday's suicide attack on a police station in Lakki Marwat that killed 19.

Afp September 07, 2010

MIRANSHAH: The Taliban said Tuesday they would continue to target Pakistani security forces with suicide attacks as they claimed responsibility for the latest blast that killed 19, its spokesman said.

"We are targeting Pakistani security forces because the government has allowed America to launch drone attacks on us," Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Azam Tariq told AFP by telephone.

"Rather it is on the Pakistan government's behest that drone attacks target us," he said.

"We will continue suicide attacks on security forces. Civilians should avoid proximity with them."

Tariq claimed responsibility for Monday's suicide attack on a police station in Lakki Marwat in which 19 people were killed.

"We carried out the Lakki Marwat suicide attack," Tariq said, adding that the Taliban "regretted" the killing of schoolchildren in the attack.

"Our children are also killed in drone attacks," he said.

Washington has branded the tribal area on the Afghan border - part of which has now been hit by Pakistan's catastrophic flooding - a global headquarters of Al-Qaeda and the most dangerous place on Earth.


mussarat | 12 years ago | Reply I salute vision of the Father of the Nation and the Oriental Poet who stood for "secular" state and termed "Din-e-Mulla Fee Sabil Allah Fasad". Those killing innocent people, attacking foreign missions, United Nations conveys and other facilities such as government offices, buildings, schools, public and private properties are not the terrorists but it is the "core" and "Pure" ideology of "terrorism" who were breed in a particular environment of "stone age" people. Let me be honest, those elements have nothing to do with Islam, Allah, all the Prophets, Caliphs, Taba Tabeen, Shaheedan-e-Karbala and all the soofi saints. They are only concerned with their own motives and fulfilling their nefarious objectives, either through opium or fancying young good looking boy or "Watwani". History is preserved and it is not easy to deny it. Readers will definitely recall few years before in the early 90"s a small war broke out between two faction of illiterate Mulla in Afghanistan and number of people were killed. A young good looking boy, was the root cause of "mini-war" between two groups they fancied. Having trapped between two fires, the innocent boy who was raised in a seminary and was bogged in ideology of two schools of thought "Deobandi" and "Talibani". "Talibani" school of thought emerged with the invasion of Afghanistan by the Russian troops in late seventies who were patronised by another one-eyed Pakistani dictator Zia -ul- Haq who branded them with new title "Mujahideen". The title of Mujahideen was indeed difficult for completely illterate mulla to pronounciate so they preferred to remain "Talibani" till exit of foreign troops from Afghanistan. About four million Talibani, Mujahideen, and "Muhajireen" took refuge in Pakistan as special guest of "Sia Ul- Nahaq" (Sorry to say). Prudent and sensible elements in Pakistan strongly opposed rehabilitation of four million Afghan refugee in Pakistan while only 1,20,000 Bihari who actively participated in Pakistan movement were left at the mercy of Charity organisations while Pakistan denied their acceptance as refugees. The Afghan Muhajareen later turned into "Fidayeen" while in Pakistan, spread from Karachi to Landi Kotal, melted in the general life of Pakistani society who later got a new lease of life afer the departure of Zia and were later patronised by the Oil Rich nations (again sorry to say) and got moral boost from Al-qaeda headed by Saudi Arabian Construction magnate Osama Bin Laden who raised team of youngsters at various terrorists centers spreading different parts of Afghanitan and the tribal areas in Pakistan. In my opinion, there are "very slim" chances of elimination of terrorism either in Afghanistan or Pakistan, although a phase-wise plan has been mapped out by the US President Obama for the withdrawl of foreign troops from that part of the troubled world. I am an optimistic and pacifist journalist, despite the fact that super power and its allies are preparing retrieve from Afghanistan, as they have already withdrawn from Iraq, at this stage provoking statements and frequent attacks on civil and military facilities and foreign embassies both in Islamabad and Kabul, will only result in loosing of hazy chances of peace in the region. Taliban either they are Pakistani or those from Afghanistan should think twice before they act I foresee drastic changes in the enitre political landscape of the region which would now truly follow vision of Quaid and Allam Iqbal by transofrming existing politican system into a "secular" state which would be encouraged and patronised by the hefty neighboring states which have already penetrated into Afghanistan, the so-called strong-hold of Islamic Militants and "Fidayeen while Kashmir issue will be buried for good as the end of Khalistan Movement. Law-abiding and peaceful people will never submit to terrorism. Mussarat Washington DC
Ahmad Usman | 12 years ago | Reply As long as Pakistan Army and Gov keeps on assisting US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, the attacks will continue undoubtedly. So many innocents poor people (not terrorists) are killed in Drone attacks and the whole media including Gov and Army is silent. How many US planes have bombarded innocent Afghans from our Balochistan, Peshawar and Jacobabad bases? We provide almost 75% of the NATO supplies (Oil, Ammunitions, Goods) from our territory through Khyber Pass. This is the curse of God on us.
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