Skyfall: High-tech debris rains on Dadu

Large metal pieces appear to be military in nature, army rushes to spot.

Our Correspondent November 29, 2012


Locals in Dadu were ‘treated’ to some heavy metal on Wednesday.

According to reports, following a thunderous sound, villagers witnessed metal debris falling from the sky in the Johi taluka of Dadu district, Sindh.

It was unclear what the debris was of. Increasing the intrigue was the fact that the local administration remained tightlipped about the incident and declined to describe the nature of the metal pieces.

The police was silent on the matter, and the military was quick to the site. “We have been kept away from this matter,” said Dadu SSP Usman Ghani. “The army is looking into it.”

Police sources said that a “Colonel Mushtaq” and “Colonel Amjad” from the Hyderabad Cantonment have secured the sites as well as the metal debris.

Leaked photographs showed that the devices were equipped with fuel tanks, CPUs, electric circuits, card readers, exhausts and gauges.  There was plenty of speculation linked to the debris, including linking it with the Hatf-V missile field tested by the Pakistan Army from its National command Center the same day (Wednesday).

Police sources said the pieces weighed between two to 180kg, adding that all of them are yet to be recovered from the villages. No one was harmed in the incident. The debris reportedly fell in the villages of Haveli, Khazani, Shahak Lodhlani, Wazir Lund and Ahmed Lund in Dadu and Garo Jabal and Abu Bakar Brohi villages in the bordering Balochistan.

Abdul Nadeem Brohi, a resident of Garo Jabal village, said, “We were ploughing our land when we saw a heavy piece of iron falling down from the sky.” Garo Jabal village is where the heaviest piece of metal, weighing around 180 kg, had fallen.

According to reports, some villagers took away smaller pieces, which looked like burnt iron and rods. SHO Nazeer Mallah said that they failed to retrieve anything from the Haveli and Khazani villages.

Military officials could not be reached for their version.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 30th, 2012.


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