Shariah4Pakistan postpone Lal Masjid conference

London-based fundamentalist group says they have not found any evidence proving 'Malala’s apostasy'.

Web Desk November 28, 2012

London-based fundamentalist group, Shariah4Pakistan, has postponed a conference in Islamabad in light of the Pakistani government’s refusal to grant visas to key speakers, and also because of “ heightened security implications.”

The conference was scheduled to be held on November 30.

On the agenda was also the issuance of a religious decree against Malala Yousafzai, accusing her of supporting “occupying” US forces.

A report in The News stated that no member of Al-Muhajiroun applied for Pakistani visas, including Anjem Chaudhry, a prominent radical cleric in Britain associated with Shariah4Pakistan.

Shariah4Pakistan also claimed that the announcement came as a result of a conversation between Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid and Sheikh Omar Bakri.

Aziz, in the report published in The News, said that he had informed Bakri, a militant leader, that they would not let the mosque be used for anything “political, non-productive or controversial.”
I told Bakri that it was unethical that they were using Lal Masjid’s name without permission. We were never consulted. I believe there is no point in digging graves of the past. Quaid-i-Azam made Pakistan and we have full respect for him and will not allow anyone to disrespect him. Muslim Ummah is facing very serious challenges, we can work positively towards the resolution of these issues instead of bogging ourselves down into stuff which is negative and provides propaganda material to our enemies.

Aziz said that Lal Masjid would not support Shariah4Pakistan’s agenda and added that the group should refrain from using their name.

According to the press release on the Shariah4Pakistan website, Bakri has also “not found any evidence proving Malala’s apostasy” and the group now states that they “do not believe she should have been targeted based on the evidence available.”

Shariah4Pakistan claim they will launch projects to present Shariah as the only alternative to the “corruption of man-made law” in the run up to the next general elections in Pakistan.


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El Duderino | 8 years ago | Reply

What a sham! stay in UK and live off the welfare stipends and keep your Shariah4Pakistan in your closet with the rest of your crappy agendas! Idiots like these should be put under house arrest, its probably because of all the LSD this guy used in his youth, what crap!

Irum | 8 years ago | Reply

Publicity Stunt nothing more,,,,,

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